FACEIT Major: Grand-finals!

CS2 / News / 23 September 2018 — 12:23

The final Bo3 today at 19:10 CEST.

In the Grand Final of FACEIT Major will feature a duel ua NAVI.GG.BET - dk Astralis. The match will start at 19:10 CEST and will be in the best of 3 format.

Today's match will be the second in this championship for both teams. ua Natus Vincere and dk Astralis met in the first round of the "New Legends" stage, and then the victory went to the Danish team (14:16 - Inferno). Further ahead dk zonic and the team suffered only one defeat from us Team Liquid in overtime (15:19 - Inferno), while defeating ru Vega Squadron (16:4 - Inferno), br MIBR (16:0 - Dust2) and guaranteed themselves a place in the playoffs.

As for the playoffs, our guys and Danes got to the final battle without a mishap. In the quarterfinals dk Astralis took down eu FaZe Clan, and in the semifinals - us Team Liquid. Born to Win, in turn,knocked out de BIG in the first round, and at the next stage - br MIBR.

So far ua NAVI met dk Astralis four times at the LANs in 2018, and so far the advantage is on the side of our guys: 3 wins and 1 loss. However, the only failure was just the Grand Final, which was held in Marseilles at the DreamHack Masters. We believe that today players of ua NAVI will manage to take revenge and win the first Major championship! #gonavi

FACEIT Major 2018 (BO3)
September 23 at 19:10 CEST 
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