NAVI G2A move on to playoffs!

Dota 2 / News / 9 December 2017 — 15:08

NAVI G2A move on to playoffs!

The second day of MDL Macau Minor has ended with ua Natus Vincere G2A winning three of their four games to qualify for the playoffs!

The black and gold five began their run in the MDL Macau group stage with somewhat middling results, as they scored 2-2 on Day 1. For this reason, they were going into Day 2 with their eyes set on victory, as the chance to proceed to the playoffs was at stake.

Unsurprisingly, this mindset was shared by every other participating team, and our first opponents in ru G2A served as a great example of that,  in the opening match of the day. The loss motivated our boys to play to their fullest potential, as it had put them in the position where each game could cost them the playoffs. But ua Natus Vincere are ready for challenges!

Our second opponents - ph TNC Pro Team –  and were forced to call GG at minute 17 after what was a completely one-sided matchup. The victory had a great weight as ph TNC were the ones to lead the standings during Day 1.

Moving on,  and saw our boys take the early lead again, as our Morphling was farming up his core items. ua Crystallize and his mastery of this hero was one of our main win conditions, as he kept his hero stats at zero deaths in both games and put in massive amounts of damage.

 was against us VGJ.Storm – a crucial game, which decided who would make the playoffs. Realizing the importance of their hero picks, our boys opted for a late game Medusa, the tactic which allowed them to win the game and successfully navigate to the playoffs of MDL Macau!

We would like to give credit to the entire ua Natus Vincere lineup and especially ua Vladislav “Crystallize” Krystanek, who is currently fourth in average KDA (5,16) at the tournament. We hope that his results will improve even further in the playoffs, propelling ua NAVI to the grand finals and the trophy! #gonavi