ElectroNic - FACEIT Major MVP!

CS2 / News / 23 September 2018 — 19:35

ElectroNic was recognized as the MVP of the tournament at FACEIT Major 2018. Congratulations to Denis!

In the finalsua NAVI.GG.BET fought dk Astralis (2:0) and took the second place at FACEIT Major 2018! Stable performance of ru electroNic wasn't left unrecognized, and he was recognized as the MVP of FACEIT Major London! Congratulations to Denis!

This title of the best player of the tournament is the first in his professional career! It is worth noting that in 2018 ru electroNic was recognized as EVP 5 times (ESL Pro League S7, ESL One Cologne 2018, DreamHack Masters Marseille, StarSeries S5 and WESG World Finals).

And here are some statistical indicators of Denis on FACEIT Major 2018: 214-160, + 65 KD; 1.44 rating; 0.90 KPR and 92.5 ADR. Besides, ru electroNic headed several lists among the best players of the tournament - the average damage per round (92.5) and the number of frags per round (0.90). Also, Denis had good number of first kills per round and took second place (0.16).