NAVI.GG.BET to play at WePlay Reshuffle Madness

Dota 2 / News / 26 September 2018 — 08:33

The online tournament will take place between September 28 and October 2.

ua NAVI.GG.BET will take part in the Reshuffle Madness tournament, organized by WePlay. The prize pool for this event is going to be $ 50,000.

The championship will be held online. Information about the format of the event and the distribution of the prize pool is not yet available.

As for the participants of the tournament, ua Odium, ru Team Empire, eu Elements Pro Gaming, eu Team Spirit, ru ferzee, se Alliance and se The Final Tribe have already confirmed their participation.

We believe the guys will be able to show a decent preparation and a high level of the game, no matter how tough the opponent! #NAVINATION