ESL One New York: the first defeat

CS2 / News / 26 September 2018 — 16:15

A tough loss

The first match of ua NAVI.GG.BET at ESL One New York was against kz Gambit. The result of the bo3 was 1:2 defeat of ua NAVI.


The first game of the series started off with the victory of kz Gambit in the pistol round. They established a 0:3 lead, but ua NAVI came online in the first gun round, with the score becoming 1:3. The opponent managed to plant in the next round, and we had little chances to retake the plant - we chose to save. Unfortunately, the tempo of the game was fully dictated by kz Gambit, so we did not manage to do much.

Eventually, the opponents claimed 8 points. ua NAVI still tried to go for some clutch plays, but it seemed kz Gambit had better shooting power for a while. They had bypassed double digits. Towards the end of the half, though, ua NAVI seemed to wake up, getting some rounds and clutches. Even if the round gap was incredibly large, it was still manageable for us, with the first half concluding at 3:12.

The pistol round went the way of ua NAVI, which indicated there was still a chance of coming back to the game. The next round, however, saw us rush a tad bit too fast, and kz Gambit used it to their advantage - they came close to the finish line. Ultimately, the CTs got to the match point. ua NAVI didn't have the best economy, while the opponent was stacked with utility. ru electroNic was left in a very tough situation, and it was a very challenging task - we drop the game on Nuke 4:16.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
electronic 12-15 -3 70.4 0.98
Edward 11-15 -4 78.5 0.83
s1mple 11-15 -4 54.9 0.74
flamie 11-17 -6 64.8 0.67
Zeus 10-18 -8 65.5 0.63


The next game saw a similar beginning, as kz Gambit took the pistol round again. The third round saw ua NAVI almost pull off the plant, but the time was not enough, as another round went the way of the opponent. We tried to take the game under control and make the opponent uneasy, but the task proved to a tough one. kz Gambit climbed up to 0:7 before ua NAVI came back up online, taking 3 rounds straight away. We didn't catch up to the opponent in the first half, unfortunately, as kz Gambit claimed 8 points.

ua NAVI slowly gained ground in the half, as a few trades destabilized their economy. From there onwards, it was mostly smooth sailing, as we ended up with 6 rounds. The final round of the half was almost ours, which would allow us to start the next half at the minimal disadvantage. It wasn't meant to be, though, as kz Gambit had the means to finish off all T's and defuse the bomb - the first half goes to kz Gambit 6:9.

The second half was a lot more benevolent to us, as the pistol round, and the 2 subsequent ones, were taken by us. For the first time in the game, ua NAVI broke ahead - 9:11. We took one more before kz Gambit broke into the double digits - 12:10. ua NAVI didn't want to let the opponent catch up, so we took the initiative back, claiming a very important round. Eventually, we claimed the match point and didn't hesitate to take the game as well - 16:11 on Inferno

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 25-15 +10 98.4 1.61
flamie 22-15 +7 71.2 1.23
Edward 21-15 +6 81.0 1.20
Zeus 20-18 +2 88.9 1.17
electronic 18-15 +3 78.4 1.14


The final game kicked off with a 1v1 - ua s1mple and ru Dosia faced off each other; Sasha got the kill, but the defuse was impossible. The next 2 rounds solidified the presence of kz Gambit on the map, as the score hit 0:3. ua NAVI were falling short of coming online decisively. When kz Gambit hit the 8th round, we were still sitting on the only 1 round. At that point, we managed to spring back into the action, finding our own game and getting a few rounds on board. The first half ended with 5:10.

The second half wasn't very good at the beginning - ua NAVI dropped the pistol, and the force didn't turn the game around either. Only the gun round saw ua NAVI score the first point in the second half. Unfortunately, that didn't transform into a streak - kz Gambit managed to turn the game around in a 1v1 situation. kz Gambit hit 14 points eventually, and the game was slowly creeping towards a dangerous match point. We tried our best to catch up, taking the 8th point. kz Gambit eco'ed which allowed us to take another round.

Eventually, ua NAVI broke into the double digits. The 25th round had ua s1mple plant in 1v2, but his low HP didn't allow him to hold it for much longer - kz Gambit take the 15th point, and make it to the match point. We had to take 5 in a row to make it into the overtime. During the final round, Edward was the last man standing on the side of ua NAVI, but he didn't stand for too long - the game and the series goes the way of kz Gambit.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 21-19 +2 85.1 1.06
Edward 20-19 +1 76.0 1.00
electronic 19-19 0 68.3 0.96
flamie 14-20 -6 62.6 0.85
Zeus 11-23 -12 75.5 0.67


Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 57-49 +8 81.7 1.16
Edward 52-49 +3 78.5 1.02
electronic 49-49 0 72.6 1.02
flamie 47-52 -5 66.4 0.94
Zeus 41-59 -18 77.7 0.83