Happy Birthday, s1mple!

CS2 / News / 1 October 2018 — 21:00

s1mple turns 21

The Born to Win celebrate another great event - ua NAVI.GG.BET CS:GO player ua Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev turned 21! For the time that ua s1mple defended the yellow-black colors, he really proved that he is one of the best in the world.

Together with ua Natus Vincere Sasha went a really long and interesting way, which had incredible ups, records and victories, but also a lot of serious tests. Our player dealt well with every test of strength, confidently defending the title of the strongest shooter of the competitive scene and giving it his 100% every match.

Even being a recognized leader and holder of many MVP titles, ua s1mple does not lose the desire to train and improve day by day to conquer new titles. We are sure that nothing is impossible for Sasha: an amazing combination of talent and diligence will certainly help him achieve all the goals.

: Happy Birthday! Bro, train, develop, you will succeed, you will win many more majors!

: Happy holiday, take the top-1 in the world alongside a major, wishing happiness and health to you and your parents. You're the best!

: I would like to say it personally, but I will do it through the comments: happiness in your personal life, more trophies, better communication with the team, become the top-1 player of the world, do not give a single MVP to ru electroNic. Loving and supportive fans to you! And do not steal knives. :) Happy birthday, Oleksandr Kostyliev, the legend of Counter-Strike!

: Sasha, happy birthday to you. I wholeheartedly congratulate you. I wish you health, happiness, luck, success in Counter-Strike and more. Raise the cup for ua NAVI, get as much MVP as possible, but still share with ru electroNic. :) Great victories - both in the team and in life! The next major, I think, is yours.

: Happy birthday, the best! :) Never slow down on the stage, sky's the limit! Take all the tournaments you come across! Never stop, the best part is just starting.

: Happy Birthday! I'm just sure that your team is the strongest and you can take any tests. Victories, cups and top-1 of the world are yours this year, most importantly - work hard and believe in yourselves. Sanya, you're great! You're someone to be proud of.

: Happy birthday, Sanya! Thank you for all the highlights that you gave us, you are the best player in the world, we all love you!

On behalf of ua Natus Vincere we join all the warm words spoken today about Sasha, and we express our gratitude for his dedication and an incredible desire for victories. We wish him to achieve success in all deeds, and always move forward!