NAVI.GG.BET to play at Autumn Brawl!

Dota 2 / News / 3 October 2018 — 21:00

The first Maincast tournament

ua NAVI.GG.BET was invited to participate in Autumn Brawl, scheduled to take place from 6th to 14th of October. The event organizer is Maincast.

The tournament will feature 2 stages - groups and playoff. Out of sixteen teams, split into 4 groups, only half will make it to the playoffs. The second stage, the playoffs, will see 4 more teams, which were invited directly, join the fray. Below is the detailed scheme of the coming battle.

The prize fund is a rather hefty amount — $ 80 000. The winner takes the lion's share, though — $ 50 000. Overall, 20 teams from 2 regions will fight for their share —  Europe and CIS.