The statistics of NAVI.G2A in Macau

Dota 2 / News / 12 December 2017 — 15:49

The statistics of NAVI.G2A in Macau

ua Natus Vincere G2A has shown good level of performance at the Minor MDL Macau. Our team managed to defeat many powerful Dota 2 teams. We've prepared statistics of the plays of our team at the tournament.

We'd like to emphasize the results of ua Vladislav "Crystallize" Krystanek, who got to top 5 players of the tournament for two stats: KDA and last hits. His teammate ua Danil "Dendi" Ishutin hit fourth place for the creeps denies.

Let's take a look at our heroes. ru Vladimir "RodjER" Nikogosian hasn't played on Enchantress a single games: the hero has been banned by every ua NAVI rival! Furthermore, in 9 of 10 games this hero was the first ban of our opponents and only ru G2A made it their second ban against our team.

For more stats of ua Natus Vincere, please take a look at the infographics below: