WESG 2018: Team Russia to the LAN

CS2 / News / 6 October 2018 — 21:00

Team Russia will play in China

Yesterday, during "Igromir" exhibition, WESG 2018 Russian Qualifiers finals took place, with ru Team Russia fighting ru forZe. It took 2 maps to determine the winner.

First ru Team Russia claimed their map pick (Train) with a score of 16:13, and then beat the opponents on their map (16:9 - Overpass). It's notable that both times the players from ru Team Russia started as the defense and, taking the lead after the first half of the game (9:6), were pushing their advantage.

Team Russia
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
WorldEdit 44-37 +7 61.2 1.07
hooch 40-39 +1 75.9 1.03
flamie 41:40 +1 75.7 1.03
seized 39-44 -5 80.1 0.96
Dosia 33-44 -11 76.7 0.93

Aa a reminder, ru Team Russia features a player of ua NAVI.GG.BET, namely ru Egor "Flamie" Vasilev. The last fight was a good one for our player, as he finished it with 1.03 rating; 75.7 ADR; 41–40 KD. Thus, beating ru forZe, ru Team Russia received $ 6,000 and passed to the next stage of WESG 2018, which will be held in China.