Beta-test of the new website of NAVI. Report №1

Dota 2 / News / 12 December 2017 — 15:56

What has changed at NAVI website since the beginning of beta testing?

In early December we announced the launch of beta-testing of the new website of ua Natus Vincere G2A. Our devoted fans spotted some problems and wrote about them in comments. Some of the bugs have already been fixed. Today we're ready to share our further plans and provide the report on the work that has been done so far.


Our primary focus was on fixing problems with comments. We've already corrected some mistakes. For example, you can now see whom you or other users reply.

User profiles

We've improved the customization of your profiles on the website. Now you can add your nickname and the links to your profiles on social networking websites as well as your favourite games.

Furthermore, the time zones in your settings changes correctly from now on. We kindly ask you to set your time zone, since the time of the beginning of matches is shown in accordance with the data you provided. You can change your time zone in your profile.


Question: How can I restore my achievements on the old website: the time I spent, respect and awards? Can I log in to my old account rather than via social networks?

Answer: You can only log in via social networks on the new website. Old profiles along with the registration and log-in via e-mail aren't available on the new website to avoid too many "empty" users and to foster the moderation of user content. However, we're now studying the possibility to add the medals and achievements in the future.

Question: Where can I see the stream of a match?

Answer: The stream is automatically uploaded on the match page when it begins. We're planning to open the stream 10-15 minutes prior to the beginning of a match In the future.

Question: Where can I find the replays of Navi.G2A matches?

Answer: You can find all the replays of the matches of our team on the match page on the next day after the match. Sometimes, tournament broadcasters don't upload the VODs on YouTube at once, so it can take more time.

For example, the replay of the match LGD Gaming vs NAVI is already available here.

Question: Highlights of matches were posted on the old website. Now I can't find them or they aren't uploaded on the new website.

Answer: The highlights are here! They are automatically uploaded on the "Video" section.

Question: Are you planning the mobile version of the website?

Answer: Yes, as per moment, the development of the mobile version is one of our top priorities. We expect to release it in late January - early February 2018.

Question: What other things are you planning to introduce on the new website in the near future?

Answer: Many of you have spotted that the Achievements page looks rather plain. In the near future we will add the photos of the cups won by our team. The collection is really impressive!

We're also planning to add the pop-up messages which will facilitate the use of the website. These include: the beginning of the match, the beginning of the Twitch stream of your favourite players, the victory at the tournament, etc.

* * *

These are our goals for the near future. Nevertheless, we're pretty sure that our fans have much to suggest in order to improve our website! Share your suggestions and requests in the comments. We will review them and implement the best of them in the near future! Stay with us!