PUBG Corp. & Starladder`s new league announced

PUBG / News / 10 October 2018 — 21:00

The league is set to commence in January 2019.

PUBG Corp. and Starladder have teamed up for a new PUBG league kicking off in January 2019. It will feature a whopping prize pool of € 1,000,000 with two divisions in place: the upper division (PUBG Europe League ) and the lower division (Contenders League). 

It will be part of a global competitive system, as the top teams of PEL will have a chance to qualify for an international event. The EU league will also feature teams from Africa and the Middle East. In 2019, the league will consist of three phases going on from January to October. The end of each phase will see 32 best teams from the Contenders League battle it out for 16 slots in PEL.

The venue will be a specially designed Battle Royale LAN-studio in one of the European capitals. PUBG Corp. will cover travel and accommodation expenses of the participating teams.

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