ESL Pro League S8: starting with a victory

CS2 / News / 15 October 2018 — 21:00

A confident show of CS

ua NAVI.GG.BET played against tr ex-Space Soldiers in a dual Bo1 series at ESL Pro League S8 regular season. Dust2 was taken by us with a score of 16:9, while Mirage went our way as well, with the 16:5 score.

Dust2 - Natus Vincere [1:0] ex-Space Soldiers

The first map was Dust 2. Pistol round went the way of our team, as superior positioning allowed us to take down the enemy swiftly. We claimed another round before tr ex-Space Soldiers retaliated. As we dropped some rounds, our economy deteriorated, so we had to save a couple of times. However, ua NAVI were still not managing to take any points, as tr ex-Space Soldiers were racking up points. 8 rounds in Zeus scored 4K, as ua NAVI picked up the first point after a 5-round streak.

That success was short-lived, though, as the opponents hit right back. We had trouble securing the B bombsite, so we had trouble retaking the plants. Towards the end of the half, though, we managed to find the footing in the half, claiming a series of rounds. Still, tr ex-Space Soldiers were the first ones to take 8 points, securing the half. Yet ua NAVI came as close to the opponent as possible, ending the half at the minimal difference - 7:8.

The second half started with another victory in the pistol round, as we lost nobody. ua NAVI took 3 rounds in a row, breaking ahead of the opponent. tr ex-Space Soldiers had to eco. We continued to dominate the opponent, as ua NAVI already hit 6-round streak. The CT managed to draw out the round and deny the bomb plant, as it was their first round of the second half. This did not set ua NAVI behind, though, as we continued stringing the rounds together. For the final round of the half, ru electroNic was left in a 1v1 against tr XANTARES, but was able to pull off the clutch - de_dust2 goes our way at 16:9.

Natus Vincere
Игрок Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
flamie 25-16 +9 118.6 1.66
s1mple 23-9 +14 88.2 1.53
electronic 20-12 +8 92.5 1.41
Edward 14-14 0 67.4 1.11
Zeus 17-14 +3 60.0 0.98

mirage - Natus Vincere [1:0] ex-Space Soldiers

The second map started as a complete opposite to the first one - tr ex-Space Soldiers claimed the first two rounds, but then ua NAVI took over the initiative. Even though some rounds were close, we managed to hold on. Round 7 saw ua s1mple left in a 1v3, and he played a beautiful round, giving us the 5th point. tr ex-Space Soldiers weren't able to take any rounds, as we were closing in on the 8th point.

ua NAVI didn't manage to claim it right away, though, as tr ex-Space Soldiers broke our streak. However, that didn't deter us from taking the 8th point in the following round, denying the chance to establish a streak. The half approached its conclusion - the last round saw a lot of trades, but ultimately ua s1mple took the clutch. The first half of Mirage ended with 12:3.

The second half kicked off with the pistols victory for ua NAVI, as we were inching closer towards the 16-point mark. Yet we didn't manage to close in on the 15th point very fast, as tr ex-Space Soldiers came back online, albeit just for 2 rounds. ua NAVI didn't wish to draw out the map, as we took the following 2 rounds, with ua Zeus pulling off a clutch against tr XANTARES - Mirage goes our way 16:5!

Natus Vincere
Игрок Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 23-8 +15 103.0 1.88
electronic 21-14 +7 121.1 1.69
Edward 13-12 +1 56.9 1.01
Zeus 7-12 -5 36.2 0.79
flamie 6-16 -10 55.0 0.78