ESL Pro League S8: draw against mousesports

CS2 / News / 17 October 2018 — 21:00

NAVI take 3 points

ua NAVI.GG.BET fought with eu mouz in a dual Bo1 series at ESL Pro League S8. ua NAVI dropped Inferno, but took revenge on Dust 2, breaking even at 1:1.

Inferno - Natus Vincere [0:1] mousesports

The first map started with a defeat in the pistol round, but ua NAVI bounced right back. The following round saw a slow approach from ua NAVI, and another point forced eu mouz to eco. ru electroNic put his gun to a great use, scoring the ace right away. We continued to claim round after round; eu mouz finally managed to break our streak, claiming the second round of the half. ua NAVI kept running out of time to plant the bombs. Eventually, the opponent caught up to us, score being 5:5.

We were saving in quite a few rounds, but the failures to plant were still damaging the economy. ua NAVI had trouble coming back online towards the end of the half. eu mouz were successfully denying us the plants and getting entry kills. Ultimately, the opponent got to 8th point and secured the half. It didn't take eu mouz long to secure the final round, as we move to the second half with 6:9 on the board.

Second half kicked off with a defuse in the pistols coming in from ua NAVI, but we didn't capitalize enough on that. eu mouz snatched the momentum right away, with 3 rounds going the way of the T side. The opponents didn't stop there, though, as they advanced further, all the way to 14 points. However, ua s1mple came online, starting to hit his shots. We finally broke the double-digit barrier, and eu mouz opted for a timeout.

ua NAVI took a couple more rounds, solidifying the economy. However, we didn't manage to deal with the eco coming from the opponent, falling to the pistols. That put eu mouz at the match point. We tried our best to draw the game into the overtime, but ultimately lose the first map with the 11:16 score.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
Zeus 21-15 +6 68.5 1.18
Edward 16-23 -7 93.8 1.01
electronic 15-16 -1 67.5 1.00
flamie 15-21 -6 66.7 0.81
s1mple 13-16 -3 42.6 0.81

Dust 2 - Natus Vincere [0:1] mousesports

Pistol round saw a very confident performance by ua NAVI, as we decimated 80% of the enemy team straight away. The third round, though, had s1mple try to clutch it, but was unable to catch the timing - first round for eu mouz. 5 rounds in, electroNic found himself 1v4, and it was impossible for him to defuse the bomb.  That was not it for ua NAVI, though, as we came back and broke ahead even. ua NAVI took 5 in a row, and 1 snatched by eu mouz didn't stop our progression.

Eventually, we made it to the 8th point, already securing the half and trying to gain as much advantage as we possibly could. Both ua s1mple and ru electroNic were stepping up massively, as we continued racking up points. Still, eu mouz also had a few tricks ready, and the last round of the half went their way; still, the half ended at 10:5.

The pistol on the T side was secured by ua NAVI, as we continued our march. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to secure 3 in a row yet again, with the round snatched by eu mouz - they didn't lose a single player. The momentum swing enabled eu mouz to go on a streak of their own, which still didn't move them closer to us. With the economy back in decent shape, ua NAVI went straight back to business. 3 back-to-back rounds secured us the match point, and the next one became the last in the series, as we take the map 16:8.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
Edward 21-9 +12 85.9 1.61
electronic 24-15 +9 101.5 1.43
s1mple 19-10 +9 74.7 1.32
Zeus 14-13 +1 75.9 1.09
flamie 13-13 0 62.0 0.94