Happy birthday, starix!

CS2 / News / 14 December 2017 — 11:28

The Born to Win congratulate starix!

Today The Born to Win congratulate not only our active member ru Vladimir «RodjER» Nikogosian, but also our old friend ua Sergey «starix» Ischuk! Starix was the pioneer of ua Natus Vincere G2A and defended the honor of the club for 7 years.

During long years in our organization, Sergey brought many trophies to the Born to Win as a player of ua NAVI, and then helped achieve great results as a coach and a counselor. It was ua starix who made a significant contribution to the development and success of our CS:GO roster.

The Born to Win are proud of the victories we earned together! On behalf of the Born to Win we congratulate Sergey on his birthday and wish him to continue his successful eSports career! We hope that he'll always be lucky regardless the banners he defends. Happy birthday!