ESL Pro League S8: victory vs FaZe Clan

CS2 / News / 17 October 2018 — 21:00

2 incredibly close maps, full of comebacks.

ua NAVI.GG.BET fought with eu FaZe Clan in a dual Bo1 series at ESL Pro League S8. The outcome of the battle was an incredibly close series, with NAVI snatching the victory away with 16:14 on the scoreboard both times.

Inferno - Natus Vincere [1:0] FaZe Clan

The first game started off with a 3k going the way of ru flamie, as the bomb got dropped in the middle of the site. The third round eluded us, as T side managed to take the first round for themselves. The 5th round saw ua Edward left in a 1v2 situation - he chose to save his weapon to make the economic situation better for ua NAVI, as eu FaZe take the lead. When terrorist side hit 5 rounds, CT suffered a rather heavy economic damage, and loss of all 5 players soon after didn't aid the cause. Still, we managed to buy some guns soon after, and get our first point in a while.

ua NAVI managed to secure 2 in a row, with no money going the way of eu FaZe due to their failure to plant the bomb. We finally caught up, score being 5:5. ua NAVI went all they way to 5 points straight, only running out of time to defuse the bomb once. However, this did little to discourage us, as eu FaZe didn't manage to turn the game around. We close the half with a 3k for ua Zeus and 9:6 on the board.

The first pistol round was a success for ua NAVI, as we eliminated all the opponents and planted the bomb, breaking into the double-digit territory. After another round, eu FaZe seized the initiative, taking their first round of the half - 11:7 on the board. The opponent started to string rounds together, getting 4 in a row before ua NAVI retaliated with a couple of our own. However, 24th round saw ua NAVI unable to plant the bomb, as ua Zeus decided to save.

eu FaZe managed to seize the momentum, as they tied the game 13:13. The next round spelled a disaster for our financial position, as the consequential force buys were not working out for us. However, with a few guns in our hands, we managed to strike back, breaking money on the side of eu FaZe and planting the bomb. We finally got to the match point at 15:14, and eu FaZe weren't sitting on the best economy. The round finished swiftly, with ua NAVI taking the map 16:14.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
Edward 30-17 +13 109.1 1.69
s1mple 26-17 +9 78.9 1.37
electronic 20-16 +4 85.0 1.20
flamie 17-21 -4 70.3 1.02
Zeus 17-21 -4 52.7 0.92

Overpass - Natus Vincere [2:0] FaZe Clan

The pistol round on the Overpass went the way of eu FaZe. After dropping another round, ua NAVI managed to get the first full buy, but that wasn't enough to actually turn the game around. We had to force once again, and eventually, took the first round, and put eu FaZe in a rather tough position economically. Quad boost was quite effective, as we secured man advantage from the start. The T side continued to move forth, heavily disrupting the game of the opponent in terms of finances.

ua NAVI caught a rather significant streak, taking quite a few in a row. Despite eu FaZe claiming one round, it didn't upset ua NAVI, as we still had enough to get good guns and win the rounds. We tried to pull off the same boost to check the heavens, but eu FaZe were careful not to fall into that trap again. Unfortunately, towards the end of the half, ua NAVI seemed to not be able to plant timely, as a couple of rounds went the way of eu FaZe, tying the game 7:7. The end of the half saw ua NAVI run out of time again, as the first half ends with 7:8.

The second half started with another pistol victory for eu FaZe Clan. We dropped another point before the buy, but it was not enough to come online in the second half. ua Zeus was saving quite a lot of weapons, so that was helping our economy. Still, ua NAVI lost 5 rounds before getting the first one on the board, making the score 8:13. A clutch by ru flamie allowed us to make it to the 10th point; we didn't get far from that, unfortunately, as eu FaZe took a point thanks to sk GuardiaN drawing the attention away.

Still, ua NAVI held on to the momentum and caught up to eu FaZe, making the game an incredibly close one. The score hit 14:14, and both teams were looking to claim the match point. Still, ua NAVI were the first ones to claim the match point, as eu FaZe could only hope for an overtime. It was not meant to be, though, as we closed out the map with an incredibly close 16:14 score yet again.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
flamie 28-19 +9 101.7 1.49
electronic 23-17 +6 70.8 1.17
Edward 24-20 +4 79.6 1.11
s1mple 16-17 -1 64.0 1.09
Zeus 21-23 -2 79.4 1.08