Valve has changed the format of Majors

CS2 / News / 14 December 2017 — 14:11

The new format impacts the stickers.

From now on, the qualifiers are the part of the main tournament Valve introduced the changes in the format of majors. Now all the tournaments comprise of 3 stages: The New Challengers, The New Legends and The New Champions stage. However, this transformation doesn't impact the tournament's course: top 8 of the tournament still secures the participation in the next competition, while teams that took 9-16 places will get the spots in The New Challengers stage (previously known as the main qualifier).

The new format only impacts the stickers. Now more teams will get the opportunity to create and sell stickers. Previously only 16 line-ups had such right. Now there will be 24 of them. Meanwhile, the format of ELEAGUE Major Boston remains unchanged. as a reminder, the group stage of PGL Major Krakow was Swiss system with best of one matches and the playoff was Single Elimination with best of three series.

The dates of each stage of the major have already been revealed. The New Challengers stage of the next major will begin on 12 January. ua Natus Vincere G2A will take part in this competition. There will be 16 Challengers: top 8 of minors and 8 teams that didn't pass the group stage of PGL Major Krakow. The New Legends will be held on 19-22 January, and The New Champions will be held on 26-28 January in Boston.