ESL Pro League S8: vs Astralis

CS2 / News / 19 October 2018 — 21:00

First game – 19:15 CEST, Second – 20:20 CEST

The match ua NAVI.GG.BETdk Astralis will continue the performance of our top five in the ESL Pro League. The battle begins on October 20 at 19:15 CEST and will be held in the best of 2 format. Game maps: Dust2 and Overpass.

Immediately after the clash with fr G2, our guys will play with the best team in the world – dk Astralis. At the tournament, the Danes had 16 matches: 12 wins and 2 loses in regular time, and in overtime they took one victory and lost once. Currently dk Astralis leads the regular season standings: 39 points, + 85 round difference.

As you remember, the last time ua NAVI and dk Astralis met, was in the final of FACEIT Major, at that time with the score 0:2 the Danish team persevered. We believe that ua NAVI will perform with dignity and strengthen their positions in the standings of the ESL Pro League! #NAVINATION

ESL Pro League S8 (BO2)
October 20 at 19:15 CEST and 20:20 CEST
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