On the eve of the battle: interview with Laizy

News / 21 October 2018 — 21:00

Laizy: Our chances to defend the title are great

As the world championship is approaching, eu NAVI.GG.BET player dk Kevin "Laizy" Jensen gave an interview, covering a lot of information about the tournaments, training and the state of the team on the eve of the battles.

— First of all, congratulations on the first place of the table. Tell me, what atmosphere reigns in the team after making it to the world championship?

— The atmosphere within the team has always been amazing and even after getting the first seed, we’re still going hard on the practice to win HRX. Occasionally it can be stressful with all the preparations going on, but in the end, all the hard work will be worth it.

eu Natus Vincere is the current world champion. How do you evaluate the chances for a successful title defense?

— I believe that our chances to defend our title are great, but anything in Paladins is possible, especially against the man that has nothing to lose.

— How does the team plan to prepare for the upcoming world championship fights? Do you have practice games in your plans?

— We’ve a lot of stuff prepared for the upcoming tournament that nobody knows. There will be a bootcamp for ironing out the rest.

— Any strong team is a potential participant of the world championship. Do you plan to play scrims against teams of the eu Fnatic level or will you kick it down a notch?

— Of course I still believe that eu Fnatic will qualify to HRX and the practice they give us is unquestionable good. I think the more practice the better, but should be balanced between quality and quantity.

— The world cup will be played in single elimination format. Do you agree with this choice by organizers, or would a double elimination bracket be better for the tournaments of this level?

— I definitely dislike the single elimination format and I would rather have double elimination without a doubt. I believe there is a reason why Hi-Rez have decided to go with this format and I respect their decisions.

— What can you say about the level of participating teams' performance during the fall split of the Paladins Premier League? Who was the hardest opponent to play?

— I think it is kinda split between eu Fnatic, eu VP and eu NiP. eu Fnatic and eu VP started out strong and fell apart later as the season progressed, while eu NiP is the opposite.

— Of course, it is impossible to ignore a somewhat subpar performance of eu Fnatic. What do you think, why did this team fail to demonstrate its high level, like it used to before?

— Having to cut off a player from the team is always tough and finding the correct replacement can often be impossible during the season. I think ee Unbelivable is a good addition to the team, but I also think they didn’t have enough time or players to choose from at that current moment. ee Unbelivable has a very successful LAN record, compared to his online results and soon we will know if he truly fits in eu Fnatic during LAN.

— Second place for eu Ninjas in Pyjamas - an accident or a logical result?

— It is definitely the most logical result, but I think it could be a completely different story if eu Fnatic met them at HRX..

— Do you follow the North American league? What can you say about the results of the fall split in that region?

— I honestly have no idea, but hopefully, I will have the chance to dance with kr Tulky on point again. I will make sure to lead the dance again.

— In your opinion, what four teams will eventually join the fight at the world championship?

— Anything is possible this year and I honestly have no idea who will actually make it out, since a lot of teams are having visa issues. eu Fnatic for sure and the rest will be a bloodbath. I’m actually extremely excited to watch these games and I believe there will be some upsets.

— How do you draft the champions? Does each player suggest a hero for himself?

— We discuss it within the team, but for the most part, it is fi Mutu and nl Faenex that have the final decision. nl Faenex has a build for everything, even for world hunger.

— What aspects does eu NAVI need to improve in order to show their maximum in Atlanta?

— Air conditioning above 20C

— Are you satisfied with the direction the esports component of the game is taking? What would you like to add to it?

— More teams and higher chance to qualify for LAN would always be great. Knowing that only 2 teams can qualify sometimes is rather stressful. Overall I believe in Hi-Rez and their decisions within the game and I respect them immensely for what they do.

— Are you satisfied with the current game meta? What would you, and your teammates, like to change?

— Everything is viable right now with the right composition and I’m very satisfied with the current meta. Personally, I don’t know what my teammates think of it. What I do know is Moji being completely useless, please don’t quote me on that.

— What champion would you call the most difficult to play? And the easiest?

— The hardest one would be Inara and the easiest would be anything beneath her. Everything depends on the enemy composition and your own. So some are easy and some are tough in the given situation.

— In each title, there are players who stand out for their individual level of play. Who do you think is the strongest in the Paladins?

nl Faenex without a single doubt. People don’t know what he actually does behind the scenes and his confidence while flexing is ridiculous while leading the team.

— Would you like to say a few words to the fans of eu Natus Vincere?

— I really appreciate all the support that you have given me, my teammates and eu Natus Vincere and hopefully I will be able to return the favor one way or another. Don’t be afraid to approach us and say hello, if you will be at HRX or any lans in the future.

Blitz quiz

— Favorite esports discipline (except Paladins)?

— League Of Legends

— The most interesting kind of regular sport?

Prettyhair destroying others in arm wrestling

— The most beautiful place you've ever been at?

— Natus Vincere Gaming House

— The most delicious food ever?

— Sushi

— A dream or a goal in life outside of esports?

— I don’t really have any dreams outside of esports, only inside.

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