NAVI.G2A.CS:GO highlights in 2017

CS2 / News / 18 December 2017 — 13:19

2017 is almost over, so its time to sum up the results of the year. Today we will share the best plays and matches of ua Natus Vincere G2A in 2017.

We begin with the performances of ua Olexandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and his amazing performance in the match against kz Gambit at DreamHack Winter 2017. His statistics in the match is truly impressive - 65-35!

This is not the only highlight of ua s1mple. However, today we'd like to note his progress in pistol rounds. Take a look at several crazy ingame plays made by Olexandr with pistol.

ru flamie was one of the best players of the Born to Win at ELEAGUE Major 2016. Unfortunately, his efforts weren't enough for our team to win the champion's title.

In Las Vegas, ua Edward had one of his best tournaments in 2017, and the match against eu FaZe was one of the best this year.

The main task of ua Zeus is tactical preparation of the team for the tournaments and matches. However, Dania is also able to create amazing moments and show impressive shooting for a team's captain.

The last, but not the least are our former players sk GuardiaN and ru seized. We're grateful for their time and efforts in our team. Let's take a look at the highlights they made with ua Natus Vincere.