NAVIGRAM #2: winter is here

News / 18 December 2017 — 14:40

Our guys share their New Year mood and the backstage of the tournaments!

A career of a pro player demands that each Born to Win spends much time in front of computer, mastering his skills and inventing new strategies. However, when the guys have endless matches and numerous tournaments  going one by one, they really need a break and relax from time to time. Sometimes such time-outs last for too long. So, when we take a look at the photos of ua Natus Vincere G2A players on social networking websites, we just want to ask: «NAVI, how about practicing?»

So far everything is fine with the training, since, our CS:GO line-up just recently had bootcamp in our gaming house. Despite the upcoming winter holidays, the guys are dedicated to work and try to spend their time practicing.

The team in full force.

The CS:GO players of ua Natus Vincere not only work, but also have time to ejoy the beauty of snowy winter that has taken over Ukraine. Take a look at the photo made by ua Ioann «Edward» Sukharev.

Here’s what ua Edward says about it: «Our gaming house is located in amazing place». Welcome to the magic land!

The New Year is coming! If you don’t have the proper mood, just take a look at the photos of our players with Christmas trees: ua Danil «Zeus» Teslenko, ua Ioann «Edward» Sukharev and ua Yevhen «Yozhyk» Mostovyk. They’re full of New Year magic (in Ukraine the tree is the part of New Year celebrations, it’s not connected with orthodox Christmas traditions - translator’s note).

If you don’t like the Xmas spirit, take a look at the Instagram of the caster of a YouTube channel – Oleksiy Kostyliev. His photos demonstrate the beauty of Ukrainian winter!

The preparations to the New Year can be very different. Some people would decorate a Christmas tree, and some decorate themselves. Take a look at the new photo of our beautiful reporter ua Yana «b2ru» Hymchenko.

On the eve of the holidays, our Dota 2 roster had their final trip in 2017 – to Macau, China. The guys achieved good results at the Minor tournament and earned qualifier scores. They made several interesting photos in their practice rooms, which were located in a university.

The photos from MDL Macau photoshoot are impressive: the neon lights are something new and original for the fans. Here are a couple of backstage photos from this event:

Having returned home, ua Danil «Dendi» Ishutin and ua Viktor «GeneRaL» Nigrini visited the office of ua Natus Vincere. They decided to take photo in front of our numerous cups.

Here’s one more guest of our office: ua Olexander «s1mple» Kostyliev came there to sign a two-year contract with ua NAVI. This means that one of the best CS:GO players of the world will play under our banners for at least two more years!

The father of ua s1mple and Oleksiy Kostyliev also visited our office. We’re very grateful to him for two amazing sons who have already made significant contribution to the development of ua Natus Vincere club!

The coach of our Dota 2 line-up ua Olexander «XBOCT» Dashkevich went to the concert of russian rapper Oxxxymiron upon the return from Macau. He took photo with the star. We are happy to add it to our series «1 photo - 2 legends».

While ua XBOCT was having the time of his life at the concert, the players of ua NAVI uploaded some nice photos with their girlfriends:

Here’s a surprise for our fans. ua Natus Vincere presents a short video dedicated to the work of our media-team.

YouTube leader of the Born to Win ua Stanislav «TwistedRox» Yuzhva has made a holiday announcement. What are ua NAVI preparing for their fans?