An interview with s1mple

CS2 / News / 24 October 2018 — 21:00

s1mple: "We have a goal, and we are working towards it"

As the EPICENTER is in full swing, ua NAVI.GG.BET player ua Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev took part in an interview by RuHub, talking about the team plans, post-Major situation and more.

— Alright, it's time to congratulate ua NAVI, not just talk. It's still the first victory in the tournament, yet it wasn't an easy one. eu HellRaisers put up quite a show on Overpass - tr woxic was the king, while during the first half of Dust2, it seemed ua NAVI occupied the A bombsite so much you could graffiti all over. How was Dust2?

— It went well, we knew their spots - they like to go long, so we'd sent 4 guys over to the long while I would stay on B. Perhaps they didn't expect I would be there twice, and it just so happened we had a good start. Then they took some rounds, but we reset their economy anyway with exit frags after the plant. So for the last 2 rounds we knew they have no money and they can't get an AWP, so it was easier to play.

While for the T side... we just knew what to do, we thought the game was almost secured, so we were running around. When they bought during the third round, they had no utility at all. We wanted to go for Long, but in the end, the round was ours anyway.

Interview with s1mple (in Russian, courtesy of RuHub)

— Before the Major, nobody was really sure if you're ready to play Dust2 or not; you were baiting to play specifically that map. Could it have been a mistake - letting that map be the decider? It seemed like you were about to win it 16:0.

— Actually no, when we had a few losses in a row, we were working on that map very hard, we didn't know how to approach. However, now that all the players know how to play their respective positions on the map, when we know how to use the double AWP, it has become a lot easier. I am glad we are making progress on the map. Currently, we're sitting on 6-7 victories, counting the online matches, and I am very glad.

— So the double AWP is pretty much Egor and you on B mid, right? Okay, we're done with Dust2. I'd like you guys to start playing Cache, but let's leave this till the next time. After ESL One New York, it seemed like you should not have gone for this tournament because the game was far from confident. Did you guys recuperate after that?

— Yes, we're fine now. It's just that after a Major defeat... well, it was hard for me as well. I think we got tired - we were working very hard for that one victory, and dk Astralis, well, they taught us again.

— There's no dk Astralis here, though.

— True, no dk Astralis here, we'll see them during BLAST. I don't know, we were exhausted in New York, and didn't take the defeat too personally. We just discussed that we need to work more, that we have a certain goal, and that we should be working towards it.