MagicaL: “We prepared for each team”

Dota 2 / News / 31 October 2018 — 22:00

MagicaL — about the opponents and group stage games

ua Idan “MagicaL” Vardanian gave a short interview after the DreamLeague Season 10 group stage. Idan shared his opinion about the opponents and also summed up the first stage of the championship.

- You started the tournament with a confident victory. Did you prepare for the game with eu Vega Squadron individually?

- We prepared for each team. eu Vega Squadron is no exception.

- What can you say about your confrontation on the mid lane with ua Dendi? Have you studied his game lately?

- Against ua Dendi, it was interesting to lane, he is a strong laner. I have not studied his game.

- The “Huskar + Dazzle” combination is simple, but at the same time very dangerous. Is it pre-prepared or is it a spontaneous decision to use it?

- We trained with both Dazzle and Huskar.

- Huskar basically entered your pool of heroes. What are his strengths in the current meta? In which position is it most effective, in your opinion?

- Huskar imposes apace. I think you can use it in the safe and mid-lanes.

- Faceless Void and Magnus - a combination that a few patches back, some analysts called almost the strongest in the game, but also difficult to perform. Do you agree with that? Why are those heroes so good in a pair?

- That is a very simple composition. Faceless Void accelerates his farm without a problem with Empower, and Magnus with Faceless Void can both disable the Black King Bar.

- The defeat in the match against us compLexity Gaming: what was the reason? The draft, miscommunication, individual errors?

- Due to the fact that we made mistakes a bunch of times and gave away a huge advantage.

- It is noteworthy that in this tournament opponents are not afraid of giving you the Templar Assassin. Do you purposefully include the hero in the draft, since he is one of the best in your arsenal?

- This is one of my signature heroes, so we take it.

- A few words about the picks in general. What patterns can you point out? Did one of your opponents surprise you with a choice of heroes?

- When you are preparing for the teams, all the draft are predictable and obvious, so no one was surprised.

- What can you say about the results of the group stage? Did any team open up for you from the new side?

- Well, up to the group stage one could think that, besides us, only the cn Royal Never Give Up players are strong, and as it turned out, all are on the same level - cn Royal Never Give Up, my Tigers, se The Final Pride, us compLexity Gaming.

- From whom do you expect stunning games in playoffs?

- Expecting stunning games from ua NAVI.

Let's us remind you that the championship DreamLeague Season 10 runs from October 29th to November 4th. The tournament has $ 300,000 and 500 DPC points that are required for The International 2019. In addition, the winner of the competition will receive a slot at The Kuala Lumpur Major. All the details of the championship can be found in our .