Blast Pro Series: a tournament that everyone will remember

CS2 / News / 31 October 2018 — 22:00

How did the Blast Pro Series conquer the players and viewers?

It’s not easy to surprise fans of the competitive CS:GO scene, and the players themselves who've been on dozens of LAN tournaments and have seen almost everything, but the Blast Pro Series stands out from the rest of the championships and delivers surprises. Why does this tournament deserve your attention, and why esports athletes fell in love with it? We will tell in our material.

First of all, the creative approach of the organizers covering Blast Pro Series: Copenhagen 2018 deserves a special mention. Interest in their project, organizers have fueled in advance: they managed to attract the stars of the professional scene to participate in small commercials, for example, dk device and his girlfriend played the scene, discussing who is the best shooter.

Not only the organizers approached the tournament announcement and participants thoroughly: each talent invited to Denmark received a special gift from the Blast Pro Series in the form of a stylized cartoon-portrait. They also served as graphic materials for announcements — both unusual and pleasant.

Without memorable souvenirs from Copenhagen will not be left out those who have to fight for the grand prize. Upon arrival, all players received whole gift sets, suitcases, the equipment of which is really impressive: a USB flash drive, portable battery, and mouse cable holder. In addition, the organizers took care of the training rooms and equipped them with the latest technology - in this environment, you probably want to give your 100%.

As for the fans of teams and lovers of the scene, they will not only watch spectacular battles but also receive exclusive content from the event. The organizers have already shouted out in social networks and requested viewers to ask questions for the participants of the tournament. Ready for an AMA session with the Born to Win?

Another distinctive feature of the tournament promises to be a show match with a separate prize fund of $ 20,000. One of the participants will be the team, which will be in third place in the group stage, and they will choose their opponent from three teams that will miss the final. The format of the meeting is five duels.

The guests of Copenhagen and esports athletes will once again be welcomed by the multifunctional complex “Royal Arena”, which is impressive in its scale and beauty. About 15,000 spectators will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the event, and how many users will be gathered in front of the screens by official broadcasts, we can only guess!

All in all, both players and their fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the matches. Detailed information about the tournament you can find in our . Raise the shields! #NAVINATION