BLAST Pro Copenhagen 2018: First day recap

CS2 / News / 1 November 2018 — 22:00

The first day ends with 1:1 score.

The first game of ua NAVI.GG.BET at BLAST Pro Copenhagen 2018 was against an American team us Cloud9. The second series featured eu FaZe Clan. The first game was a very back-and-forth one, but ultimately, ua NAVI take it 16:13. The game with eu FaZe Clan, though, ended with 8:16 defeat for us.

Mirage - Natus Vincere [16:13] Cloud9

ua NAVI lost the pistol round, and us Cloud9 capitalized on that to score another point. However, ua NAVI came online to tie the game 2:2, but still weren't able to break ahead. The opponent was able to find some rounds, but fortunately, ua NAVI were able to save the AWP and carry it over into the next round. We concentrated around the mid, and snatched the control away from us Cloud9 - 3:4. The trades continued, as both teams won a point each, and the difference was minimal until ua NAVI managed to eliminate it completely, forcing us Cloud9 into a save, which netted us another round

ua NAVI claimed a 3-round streak before us Cloud9 retaliated, not allowing us to run away with a big lead - 6:6. Finally, ua NAVI claimed 8 rounds of the first half, at least securing the first portion of the map. The last round of the half had ua NAVI play in a 3v1 situation, and there was no way for us to lose - the first half of Mirage goes the way of ua NAVI with a 9:6 score.

The second half kicked off with a pistols victory for us Cloud9, and just like in the first half, they converted it into the tie, scoring 3 straight to make the scoreline 9:9. We had to eco for the 19th round, which allowed the opponent to claim the lead. The lead didn't stay for long, though, as ua NAVI were finally able to go for good guns and come online in the second half, subsequently even taking the lead - 10:13. The buy came through from us Cloud9, and that buy allowed them to find the opening into the round. Right in the next round, a wrap around through the underpass from one of the CT players disrupted our plans, as he killed a couple of T's.

Still, it didn't affect us much, as ua NAVI maintain the advantage with a bomb plant and a successful defense. We scored 14th point, as the game was coming dangerously close to the match point. It seemed like we wouldn't get there soon, as we only had 1 player left against enemy 4, but since that 1 player was electroNic, he proved that wrong by scoring a 4k and a round win - the match point up. The next round had s1mple plant in a 2v3, but the round was still taken by us Cloud9. The opponent was holding to the game by the skin of the teeth - they had the opportunity to defuse twice in a row, and they moved up to 15:13. Third time's a charm, though, they say, as the third bomb plant from ua NAVI proved to be successful 3v3 defense came through, and ua NAVI take the game 16:13.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 35-17 +18 106.7 1.58
Zeus 19-21 -2 90.0 1.19
electronic 21-19 +2 73.2 1.05
Edward 17-17 0 60.4 0.91
flamie 15-22 -7 60.9 0.79

Overpass - Natus Vincere [8:16] FaZe Clan

The pistol round was taken by ua NAVI, but eu FaZe Clan traded it back immediately. For a while, we weren't able to turn the game around, as landing the shots proved to be quite a challenge. To make the matters worse, eu FaZe Clan were actively denying the saves, as the max loss bonus was our best bet at that point, as the scoreboard hit 1:5. Unfortunately, even the gun power wasn't enough, as we failed to get much done on the map forcing ua NAVI into eco. FaZe scored 7, but ua NAVI denied the chance to get to 8 - as we were left in a 1v2, we ended the 7-round streak of eu FaZe Clan.

Right in the next round, Edward scored a massive 3k, one being on the bomb carrier. This round allowed ua NAVI to go for a double AWP setup, but unfortunately, eu FaZe Clan proved to be stronger - the opponent claims 8th point, at least winning the half. ua NAVI denied the chance to get a big lead, as we went on a streak yet again. By the end of the half, the teams traded rounds, and the half ended 6:9.

The second half started off very dynamically, with the round trade coming in right away. The force buy in the third round didn't work out for ua NAVI, as we had to follow it up with a full eco. The game was slipping out of our hands, as eu FaZe Clan got double our points. We faced a match point, and tried to contest it - even though ua NAVI took a point off of eu FaZe Clan, it wasn't enough to deny the victory, as ua NAVI drop the game 8:16.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 20-15 +5 94.0 1.30
electronic 20-17 +3 92.3 1.24
flamie 15-19 -4 58.1 0.78
Edward 9-17 -8 54.1 0.72
Zeus 11-18 -7 63.0 0.71