Stickers and graffiti of Natus Vincere G2A are for sale!

CS2 / News / 20 December 2017 — 14:04

Support our team — buy stickers of Natus Vincere G2A!

Great news for all the CS:GO fans! Today Valve released stickers and graffitti for the upcoming ELEAGUE Boston Major! As usually, the teams and organization will get half of the sale revenue. This time Valve prepared a unique offer: buy Mega Bundle and get one sticker and one graffiti of each team.

Furthermore, you can use team stickers to make your predictitons in Pick’Em Challenge. As per moment, the bets are available for the first stage of the tournament — The New Challengers. The bets will close on 12 January, when the stage will begin. Similar to previous events, the most accurate predictions will be awarded with special medals.

As a reminder, ua Natus Vincere G2A will begin the performance at the major on 12 January. The players will put every effort to pass the qualifiers and advance to the group stage of the competition. You can our team by buying their stickers and ua NAVI emblem! #gonavi