Unique League: Day 1 Recap

PUBG / News / 2 November 2018 — 22:00

The first matches are behind us!

The roster of ru NAVI.GG.BET for PUBG debuted within the Unique League. About how the Born to Win showed themselves at the start of the league, we will tell in this brief recap of the first day.

The team played four matches: two on each, Erangel and Miramar, and there were fifteen opposing teams, representatives from the CIS division, among them were: zz AVANGAR, zz M19, zz Unique, and others. ru NAVI has replacement players for the tournament in the face of ru Dmitry “Recrent" Osintsev (zz Tornado Energy Storm), ru Artyom “Sadovnik” Danilyuk (kz Se7en eSports) and ru Alexander “BatulinS” Batulin (zz M19).

Match # Map Result
1 Erangel 3rd place (7 kills)
2 Erangel 10th place (0 kills)
3 Miramar 1st place (8 kills)
4 Miramar 16th place (2 kills)

Playing more boldly and aggressively than before, our players took third place on the first map and were able to get 7 kills, which allowed them to immediately gain some advantage over most of the teams. The second map Erangel was not so successful: the team finished on 10th place and did not receive any extra points for the kills.

The guys managed to rehabilitate themselves from the unsuccessful game on the desert map: the third match of the day was marked by a bright triumph for the Born to Win, but however in the last match the yellow-black could not repeat the success - they were eliminated as the sixteenth team.

Place Team Survival points Kill points Total
1 zz Team Unique 1,000 448 1448
2 zz AVANGAR 930 416 1346
3 zz Tornado Energy Storm 790 368 1158
4 zz M19 820 224 1044
5 zz CrowCrowd
760 272 1032
6 zz NAVI.GG.BET 720 240 960
7 zz Vega Squadron 550 256 806
8 zz forZe 470 304 774
9 zz Se7en eSports 420 256 676
10 zz Vaevictis eSports 530 144 674
11 zz Tornado Energy Battle 530 128 658
12 zz Team Spirit 510 128 638
13 zz Team Poseidon 400 188 588
14 zz Kit-Kat 160 224 384
15 zz Alpochinki 270 48 318
16 zz Falcon Esports 140 80 220

As a result of four matches, our squad entrenched at the sixth position in the overall rating and earned 960 points, 240 of which were allocated for the kills, and 720 for survival. From the team, which is located on the top of the standings, ru NAVI are about 480 points behind - without a doubt, the Born to Win can overcome this gap.

The second game day of the Unique League will take place on November 7 at 16:00 CET. It will also be four matches. Awaiting your support on streams and cheering for ru Natus Vincere! #NAVINATION