BLAST Pro Series 2018 Copenhagen: the grand victory!

CS2 / News / 2 November 2018 — 22:00

The tough series pays off!

The grand finals of BLAST Pro Series 2018 Copenhagen had ua NAVI.GG.BET fight in a Bo3 against se Ninjas in Pyjamas. The series was not an easy feat, but ultimately, ua NAVI claim both maps, securing the title!

Mirage - Natus Vincere [16:10] Ninjas in Pyjamas

The first pistol round started well for ua NAVI - we went in slowly and took no casualties. The next round followed the suit, with 0 casualties. The third round had both teams buy up the guns, and ua NAVI had to retake B, but the task turned out to be rather doable, as we secure 3:0. The Swedes came online on the 5th round, as they planted the bomb and ua NAVI decided against the retake, choosing to save. That 1 point for se NiP didn't do much, though, as we followed it up with a reset, securing a 6:1 lead.

As the half was coming to a close, se NiP seemed to have found their footing. They secured 4 points for themselves, coming quite close to ua NAVI. Still, we had the means to deny them the luxury of tying the game, and moved forth to take the 8th point, securing at least this half. The first portion of Mirage ended with 9:6 on the board.

The second half was more benevolent towards se NiP initially. They claimed the pistols, and 2 more, tying the game 9:9. The 19th round saw ru flamie in an unbelievable 1v2 clutch - he planted the bomb and killed the last enemy standing - not only did we maintain the lead, but also hurt se NiP economy badly, as they went back to pistols. We used this opportunity, and an anti-eco worked well - 11:9. se NiP bought up in the following round, but were unable to take the game back, forced to buy pistols yet again.

We were sitting at 14 points, 1 step away from the match point. However, se NiP were not out of it just yet, as they broke into the double digits after winning the clutch 24th round. The defuse didn't help them much, as the reset in the next round left them with the pistols for the decisive round. Still, se NiP put up a huge resistance, driving the round down to a 2v1, but they still didn't manage to deny the game - ua NAVI takes Mirage 16:10!

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
electronic 25-11 +14 105.0 1.60
s1mple 24-12 +12 84.8 1.47
Edward 24-14 +10 94.1 1.46
Zeus 17-11 +6 74.3 1.32
flamie 16-16 0 78.5 1.11

Inferno - Natus Vincere [16:12] Ninjas in Pyjamas

The first pistol culminated in a 1v2 clutch with ru electroNic - he tried hard, but didn't manage to do it with a Glock. The next round, though, saw ua NAVI get some better guns and trade right back. Those trades went on, and the economies of both teams were getting really unstable. After the initial portion, though, ua NAVI found their game, and started to hit shots. It didn't take us long to seize the lead our way. We went up 6:2 before se NiP mustered a defense solid enough to stop us, but eventually, they did.

The 9th round didn't work out for us, so se NiP converted it into another point, but not much more, as ua NAVI managed to plant and defend in a 2v3. The trades started again, and se NiP were pulling off some good rounds their way. Eventually, se NiP tied the game back up to 7:7, and the final round of the first half saw a 3v3 with a bomb plant - the half ends 8:7 our way.

The second half kicked off positively for ua NAVI as well, with the pistol round and 3 more, as we maintained the lead. Only 5 rounds into the half did se NiP come back online into the game. They took 3 rounds away from us before ua NAVI could retaliate, with the scoreboard at 13:10. We avoided the reset in the next round, barely securing it in a 2v1 situation. The match point was swift to follow, as we take it 15:10. 26th round saw se NiP plant, and as ua NAVI tried to defuse in 2v2, the round went to the opponent.

ua NAVI went for a force buy, with ua Zeus and s1mple with guns, while the rest of ua NAVI had just pistols. This round didn't work out too well for us, but al least we managed to save some weapons for the next round. The round saw ua NAVI push up aggressively into the banana, and this strategy yielded its fruits, as ua NAVI take the map, the series, and the trophy!

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
electronic 28-13 +15 84.9 1.49
Zeus 20-18 +2 84.2 1.27
s1mple 24-19 +5 91.3 1.22
Edward 17-21 -4 71.1 0.97
flamie 10-22 -12 51.3 0.65

Overall match stats

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
electronic 53-24 +29 94.6 1.54
s1mple 48-31 +17 88.2 1.34
Zeus 37-29 +8 79.5 1.29
Edward 41-35 +6 82.2 1.20
flamie 26-38 -12 64.4 0.86