New gaming chairs in NAVI style

News / 20 December 2017 — 14:16

DXRacer NAVI Edition BLACK

The new model isn’t on sale yet, but the samples are already being shipped to NAVI offices. As soon as they arrive, we are going to shoot a video review and raffle one of the chairs among NAVI fans, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can learn more about the new gaming chair and remember why pro-players prefer DXRacer.

The most important thing about is its new design. The previous model had quite an aggressive style with sharp contrasts and the bright yellow colour. Whereas the new chair has softer colours, combining the elegance of the black with the boldness of yellow details, and NAVI signature features, like the embroidered logo and stylish calligraphy with the name of the team. This is a great gaming chair, which can easily fit the interior of any room.


Sit better, game longer

Besides the design, the new chair’s characteristics are the same as the previous model’s parameters. Like in the first DXRacer chair in NAVI style, every curve ensures your ultimate comfort during the long playing sessions. 

— High backrest with exclusive cushions will support your spinal column entirely, from pelvis to neck. The unique shape of the chair helps you take care of your health.
— Don’t forget, you can change the backrest tilt, seat and arms position. Nothing should distract you from the game.
— The aluminum base makes DXRacer chair even more durable and reliable.
— All DXRacer chairs have qualitative steel framework inside. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the frame.

 Very soon you’ll have an opportunity to get the new . Stay in touch!