GLL Wingman V: Qualification results

PUBG / News / 4 November 2018 — 22:00

A summary of the qualifiers

The qualification of GLL Wingman V in the CIS-region has concluded. Two duos took part in the competition, representing ru NAVI.GG.BET. About who will continue to fight for the champions title, we will tell you in this article.

Let's remind that at the end of the first game day ru Vadim “POKAMOLODOY” Ulshin and ru Artyom “Sadovnik” Danilyuk (kz Se7en eSports) headed the rating of the participants in their lobby, and the pair ru Alexander “BatulinS” Batulin and ru Dmitry“Recrent” Osintsev (zz Tornado Energy Storm) has entered the top five.

Match results
Match # NAVI DUO result NAVI result Map
1 35th place (0 kills) 20th place (1 kill) Miramar
2 15th place (2 kills) 38 place (1 kill) Miramar
3 2nd place (9 kills) 13th place (1 kill) Erangel
4 1st place (13 kills) 8 place (0 kills) Erangel
5 1st place (8 kills) 16th place (0 kills) Sanhok
6 2nd place (10 kills) 19th place (0 kills) Sanhok

On the second day of competition ru BatulinS and ru Recrent (NAVI DUO) managed to improve their standings: although the guys did not play very well on the desert map, they had two brilliant battles on Erangel, taking first and second places.

After that, the guys secured success on Sanok and became the undisputed leader of the standings, breaking away from the nearest pursuer by 285 points. In total, the duo earned 1190 points and got 42 kills in six matches.

As for the performance of ru POKAMOLODOY and ru Sadovnik(NAVI), they did not perform as good as on the first day. Players were not lucky enough to stay out of the top 10 of their groups. Thus, only ru NAVI DUO proceeded to the next stage.

ru BatulinS and ru Recrent will return to the battlefield on November 14 at 17:00 CET. They will have to play five games on Miramar and give their all so they will not get eliminated from the competition and get to the grand final! #NAVINATION