The Kuala Lumpur Major: Mags TOP 3 matches of the first round

Dota 2 / News / 7 November 2018 — 22:00

NAVI.GG.BET coach — about the most exciting matches

The group stage of The Kuala Lumpur Major will start in a few hours - of course, all the attention of the esports community will be focused on the debut Major of the season. Each day will be filled with many games, and it is simply impossible to cover them all. In order not to miss the most important matches, we asked advice from ua NAVI.GG.BET coach ua Andrii “Mag” Chipenko.

us Evil Geniuses vs cn Aster Gaming

The match us Evil Geniuses - cn Aster Gaming will be one of the matches, opening the championship, and undoubtedly, it promises to be extremely tense. Representatives of the Chinese region played very confidently at the ESL One Hamburg 2018, besides the lineup includes the cn Xxs and cn BoBoKa, whose talent has been repeatedly recognized at tournaments such as Dota 2 Asia Championships, they also have very experienced cn Sylar and cn Fenrir.

us Evil Geniuses in Malaysia will play in its full force, and it will be really interesting to see how strong they are, particularly with pk Suma1L on the middle lane. The Coach of Born To Win believes that the series will end with a score of 2 : 1 or 2 : 0 in favor of the American team, but these victories will not be easy.

cn PSG.LGD vs myTigers

The duel of two colorful representatives of the eastern scene also will not leave the audience indifferent. On the one side of the ring, the vice-champions of The International 2018, who kept the roster unchanged. It's no secret that this kind of stability could bear fruit and unify the team, but it also could play a trick on them in the long run. In what situation will end up players from cn PSG.LGD, we will have to find out.

On the other side - the recently assembled team, which has shown themselves well on the Minor DreamLeague Season 10. Nevertheless, in Sweden, the my Tigers did not have such titled opponents, so it is unknown how they will stand against tier 1 teams. It's most likely that the team from China will win with a score of 2 : 0, or maybe Tigers will be able to put this one into their piggy bank.

ru vs se Alliance

Viewers from the CIS, of course, will not pass by the announcement with the team name ru In the first round, the "bears" got matched up not with the scariest opponent, but the quality of the match won't be any less. Mag has no doubt that the victory will go into the basket of the Russian team, but he wants to observe the preparations made by the team for the Major. How confidently ru will be able to beat the Swedish team and how much they've learned from their mistakes since ESL One Hamburg 2018?