Se7en Esports Cup: Day 1 Recap

PUBG / News / 8 November 2018 — 22:00

A great start!

Born to Win continue to fight on the online battlefield. The challenge for the ru NAVI.GG.BET was the championship Se7en Esports Cup. In this article, we summarize the first competition day.

Eighteen teams competing in the CIS division played four matches: two on Erangel and two on Miramar. The honor of the Natus Vincere tag was again defended by ru Vadim “POKAMOLODOY” Ulshin, ru Artem “Sadovnik” Danilyuk (kz Se7en Esports), ru Alexander “BatulinS” Batulin and ru Dmitry “Recrent” Odintsov (zz Tornado Energy Storm).

Match # Map Result
1 Erangel 1st place (15 kills)
2 Erangel 1st place (15 kills)
3 Miramar 9th place (3 kills)
4 Miramar 6th place (4 kills)

ru NAVI took a great start on the Erangel map and became twice the best team of the two matches. In addition, in two games the guys got 30 kills! Of course, after a brilliant start, the yellow-blacks headed the standings and broke away from the nearest pursuer by almost 500 points.

In the expanses of the desert map, the Born to Win showed more modest results: in the third match the guys finished ninth and got three kills, and in the final match they were on the sixth place.

Place Team Kills Total
2 zz NAVI.GG.BET 37 1450
3 zz AVANGAR 28 1260
4 zz Vaevictis eSports 24 1060
5 zz SWIFT
15 730
6 zz Tornado Energy Battle 17 690
7 zz Alpochinki 11 630
8 zz Se7en eSports 20 570
9 zz Team Unique 22 560
10 zz Syphon 5 550
11 zz W7M 8 540
12 zz Team Spirit 5 450
13 zz forZe 5 420
14 zz CrowCrowd 11 400
15 zz CyberCartel Juniors 7 350
16 zz Broken fingers 4 210
17 zz Se7en Pride 4 190
18 zz Vega Squadron 4 100

On the results of the competition day, ru NAVI ranks second, having 1450 points in the bank: 1080 for survival and 370 for Kills. The remaining four games are scheduled for November 9th (18:00 CET). We are confident that our team has the all strength to fight with their competition and take this one home. #NAVINATION