s1mple is the PC esports player of the year

CS2 / News / 12 November 2018 — 22:00

s1mple takes another title!

Recently, Esports Awards ceremony has concluded. One of our players, ua Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, received the title of "Esports player of the year" among the PC players. Congratulations to Sasha - we are sure there are many more trophies to come!

Esports Awards celebrate the world of esports, awarding some of the most prominent figures. There were a lot of nominations, with ua NAVI.GG.BET featured as one of the finalists of the "Esports team of the year". Even if we didn't make to the top-3, being in the finals is a worthy achievement on its own. Meanwhile ua s1mple was among the finalists for the "Esports PC player of the year", competing with a lot of players from various games, like the winner of Dota 2 championship - The International au ana, Sasha's fellow CS:GO player ba NiKo and others.

No doubt, this year was a very fruitful and intense for ua s1mple. As of today, he boasts a lot of MVP titles across various events, and together with the team, took a few trophies over the past months. We believe that his achievements this year won't stop here, as there are still tournaments ahead! Congratulations to Sasha, as we wish him many more titles coming his way!