Interview with SoNNeikO after the DreamLeague S10

Dota 2 / News / 12 November 2018 — 22:00

Captain of NAVI talked about DreamLeague and the teamwork

Upon returning from Sweden, the captain of ua NAVI.GG.BET ru Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev gave an interview in which he told what is important to him in his teammates, how he interacts with ua Mag and summed up the results of the first portion of the competitive season.

- After you've spent some time inactive, what prompted you to work on creating a team and develop exactly as a captain?

- My main motivation is love for Dota 2.

- How long it took you to choose people for the roster, which now defends the colors of ua NAVI?

- Actually, It didn't take that long, I wanted to create a decent atmosphere for myself and for other players in the team, that's all.

- What professional skills and personality traits do you value especially in teammates?

- For me, it is important to see that people are diligent, everything is built upon this.

- It is no secret that the interaction of the captain with the coach is of great importance. Did you quickly find a right footing with Mag?

- Yes, we hit it off quickly. In most cases, my and Andrii's views on the game coincide.

- What kind of cooperative work do you do together with Andrii?

- We work together on drafts, we discuss the style and drafts of other teams.

- And what do you do separately?

- Everyone has freedom of action and his own areas of responsibility.

- This fall you had two bootcamps already and quite a few official matches. In general, what changes can you point out?

- As times goes on, everyone began to play better.

- On what aspects of the game did you work even more thoroughly in preparation for the LAN-finals of the DreamLeague S10?

- The priority was teamwork.

- Are you satisfied with the result of the team's performance in Sweden and in general the starting portion of the season?

- As the matter of fact, I can't say that I am satisfied.

- You have a solid tournament experience. Do you think the new ua NAVI players coped well with stress?

- I felt that the guys were worried. It is usual at first, eventually, it will pass.

- What went wrong in the final match?

— Everything.

- What flaws in the game were unveiled in the Minor?

- Only nervousness in official games is the main problem to date.

- Let's talk about the draft. In your opinion, has NAVI ua outdrafted opponents?

- Yes, and in the current meta, a good draft is very important.

- There are several heroes, the frequent choice of which caused a barrage of criticism, the most obvious examples are Enigma and Drow Ranger. Will you give up on them in the future?

- No, we will not.

- Is there any captain-drafter you look up to?

- No, no one in particular. From professional games, I borrow ideas, note some stuff in pubs, think out of something myself, some ideas are proposed by players.

- In your opinion, which heroes need nerfs / buffs in patch 7.20? What would you personally change?

- Grimstroke. I would just buff all the remaining heroes that were less popular in the 7.19 meta.

- What are the future plans of the team?

- We plan to meet on the bootcamp before the next qualifications and, hence, participate in the qualifiers.

– Any shout outs to the fans?

Thank you all for your support!

On November 20, the team will arrive in Kiev and will begin training for the regional qualifications. Stay tuned to be up to date with the latest news from the life of ua Natus Vincere, and support the Born to Win! #NAVINATION