NAVI.GG.BET invited to OGA PIT Invitational Season 3

PUBG / News / 15 November 2018 — 22:00

Natus Vincere invited to the group stage

ru NAVI.GG.BET PUBG team faces a new challenge! The guys will take part in the third season of OGA PIT Invitational, which will take place between November 15 and 25 online.

The competition will be held in three stages: open qualification, group stage, and grand final. The Born to Win were among the sixteen teams invited directly to the second stage, so the squad would not have to compete in the open qualifying rounds.

Aside from the "yellow-black" eu Pittsburgh Knights, us Cloud9, us Team Envy, zz AVANGARand others will fight for the trophy. ru Natus Vincere players will fight on November 19, when all 32 participants will be determined after the conclusion of the qualifiers - they will be split into two groups.

6 strongest teams will make it out of their respective groups, joining the best teams of the previous season at OGA PIT Invitational: eu Team Liquid, eu FaZe Clan, it MOONWOLF and us DignitasThe prize pool of the championship will be $ 20,000.

Prize pool distribution
Place Reward
1st place $ 9000
2nd place $ 5000
3rd place. $ 3600
4th place $ 2400

Group stage participants:

eu MeetYourMakers
eu Pittsburgh Knights
us Cloud9
us Excelerate Gaming
us eUnited
eu G2 Esports
us Evil Geniuses
us HAVU Gaming
us Team Envy
us PENTA Sports
eu Alliance
zz Vega Squadron
eu Ghost Gaming
fr Sans domicile fixe
ru Natus Vincere

Finals participants:

eu Team Liquid
eu FaZe Clan
us Dignitas

We are sure that the Born to Win will do everything possible for the sake of victory and will delight their fans with spectacular matches! Stay tuned to keep up to date with all the latest information about the events and the results of our team. #NAVINATION