ESL Pro League S8: results of the online stage

CS2 / News / 16 November 2018 — 22:00

Second place in the recent online season

The online part of the eighth season of the ESL Pro League has concluded, and the players of ua NAVI.GG.BET took second place, leaving only dk Astralis ahead. Based on results of 26 matches, the Born to Win scored 56 points (16 wins in regular time, 2 - in overtime, along with 6 loses in regular time, 2 - in overtime).

The victory with the largest score in the first round was in the match against tr Space Soldiers (16 : 5 - Mirage), while the loss with the minimum score was in the game against dk Astralis (4 : 16 - Overpass). It is worth noting that the only loss on both maps for the ua NAVI squad was in the last round, in the match against de BIG, when ua Kane was forced to stand-in for ru electroNic. In all other meetings, ua Natus Vincere was either victorious or drew the match.

As for the map pool, our guys played most often on Inferno (7 matches) but showed not the best win rate - 42.9% (3 wins and 4 losses). They performed worse only on Train (1 win and 2 losses) and Cache (1 loss). On the other hand, the guys demonstrated impeccable games on Dust2 (5 wins) and Mirage (4 wins), and Overpass was close to that ideal result, but the lost match to dk Astralis spoiled the picture (5 wins and 1 loss). Apart from that, our team never had a chance to fight on Nuke.

From the point of view of team play, we can note commendable results for ua Natus Vincere's performance, when being in the majority (75.9% win rate — the fourth-largest in the League) and when being in the minority (31.4% win rate — the fourth-largest in the League). Interestingly enough, while being in the majority, both in defense and in the attack, the Born to Win played better (73.0% and 80.8%, respectively — in both situations this is the third place among all participants). Also, we were trading kills on defense better than on the attack: 19.1% (3rd place) against 20.6% (9th place). Do not let the numbers confuse you - in defense, the indicators of exchange are usually worse than in the attack. For example, the best team of the season in defense had 19.7% of deaths traded, while the attacking side had 25.3%.

Player Rating 2.0 K-D differential ADR
s1mple 1.32 +215 80.4
ruelectroNic 1.27 +141 88.4
ruflamie 1.14 +66 78.5
Edward 1.06 +8 74.1
Zeus 0.88 -106 63.2

Let's move to the individual performances. Even though de tabseN has wedged in between ua s1mple and ru electroNic before, now the first two positions are occupied by the ua Natus Vincere players. So, Sasha is in the first place(1.32 rating), and ru electroNic is in the second position (1.27 rating). Furthermore, if Sasha was the best in the KD difference (+ 215), then Denis topped the rating of the difference in damage per round (+ 21.2). Also,ua s1mple has the best index of 1 + frags per round (54.6%), kills with AWP per round (0.44) and successful first duels (63.9%).

The result of ua Natus Vincere's performance in the online part of the season is not only the credit of ua s1mple and ru electroNic, but also of other players who do not shy away from doing the “menial tasks”. For example, ua Zeus became the best player in the online part by the number of assists (124), and ua Edward is in the third place (113 assists). In addition, ua Zeus entered the top 10 in flash grenades and ranked fifth in the number of rounds with support (22.6%). Also, ru flamie and ru electroNic were noted with aces - Egor in the last round against de BIG (Cache), and Denis in the fourth round against eu mousesports (Inferno).

A reminder - the LAN-finals of the ESL Pro League will be held December 4–9 in Odense (Denmark). Groups of the final part of the tournament will be announced soon. We hope that ua NAVI players will approach the competition well-prepared and will be able to compete for the champions title! #NAVINATION