Crystallize: "I want MMR balancing"

Dota 2 / News / 17 November 2018 — 22:00

Crystallize talks about the changes he wishes to see with 7.20

ua Vladislav “Crystallize” Krystanek shared his thoughts on possible changes in 7.20. As a reminder - the update is expected to roll out after the conclusion of The Kuala Lumpur Major.

- What changes do you expect from the patch?

- I would like to see some heroes getting buffed. I also want to see some MMR balancing.

- Recently, ru players said that they didn’t like the current economics when solo kill yields less gold than one split between several heroes. Do you think that this aspect of the game needs to be changed? How?

- Agreed. It is rather strange that two heroes get more gold for a kill than if it was a solo kill. You can simply change the system for kill bounty.

- At the moment, meta looks like a 2–1–2 scheme. Are you satisfied with this distribution, or do you want something new?

- I find it okay, but it's getting stale. I would like more variation: sometimes you need a roamer, other times 2–1–2, or even a trilane

- It is often considered that the team with the last pick has a certain advantage. How should the draft system be changed?

- As for me, I believe that the draft works very well now - it is balanced and boils down to teams' preferences.

- In your opinion, who needs a nerf, and who could use a buff?

- I wouldn't really point out a hero that needs a big nerf hammer hit. Lots of heroes were used this patch: most heroes are perfectly viable, and it is more the question of whether or not the team can execute their draft.

- The most popular hero in high MMR is Grimstroke. Should game developers change his balance, despite the 50% win rate?

- It's hard to say until the hero is added to Captain's Mode. One could decide how balanced the hero is by looking at the professional games.

- The highest-WR heroes in high MMR are Lycan, Visage, Centaur Warrunner and Meepo. Do these heroes need balancing?

- The heroes are perfectly balanced. I can't really say anything about Meepo, though, because I don't play the hero.

- It is possible that at 7.20 will bring us the new hero - Mars, which was promised to come in winter at The International 2018. What do you expect from this hero?

- Honestly, nothing special. I wish the hero will turn out to be balanced, and not turn into "you lose against him, you win with him" type of hero. That is how it was with Grimstroke.

- The items deserve a mention as well. What items need to be reworked, buffed, or nerfed?

I think that Helm of the Dominator and Vladmir's Offering could use a buff or two. Aside from those, all the items are playable and fill a certain niche.

- Should Iron Talon or Poor Man's Shield make it back into the game?

- No!

- Should we expect serious global changes? Perhaps some kind of map rework? Would you like to see something like that yourself?

- The answer is probably yes. But if it doesn't happen, then I will not be upset. I just want to see the game change.