Unique League: Day 5 Recap

PUBG / News / 18 November 2018 — 22:00

NAVI.GG.BET stays in the top 10

The matches of the online league by Unique continue! The fifth game day ended as well. Take a look at the recap for more details.

After four days of competition, four fights per day, ru NAVI.GG.BET settled on the fourth line of the tournament table. Unfortunately, the guys were unable to keep the set bar on the fifth day.

Match # Map Result
1 Erangel 8th place (2 frags)
2 Erangel 12th place (3 frags)
3 Miramar 10th place (0 frags)
4 Miramar 10th place (1 frag)

The team held two matches on Erangel and Miramar; however, we were far from securing the top placements. At the start, the “yellow-blacks” only made it into the top 8 and were content with two frags, while the second game had them deal with three opponents, but still fall short in a skirmish, dropping out in the twelfth place.

The desert map didn't see a lot of improvements in the performance of The Born to Win. Placing 10th on the third map, ru NAVI gathered their strength and were doing well initially, pushing their territorial advantage. Alas, making their way to the zone, the guys came under fire and stayed on the tenth line.

Place Team Total
1  zz M19 6348
2  zz AVANGAR.GG.BET 5264
3  zz Team Unique 4936
4  zz Team UNITY 4692
5  zz Team Spirit
6  zz Vaevictis eSports 4270
7  zz NAVI.GG.BET 4206
8  zz CrowCrowd 3878
9  zz Se7en eSports 3682
10  zz Vega Squadron 3632
11  zz Tornado Energy Battle 3370
12  zz Team Poseidon 3144
13  zz Kit-Kat 3060
14  zz Falcon Esports 3042
15  zz Alpochinki 2898
16  zz forZe 2514

As a result, the squad took the seventh position in the overall standings, having 4206 points in total. Our players still have 8 more games to show their best games, which are scheduled for November 22 and 23. As per usual, the broadcast will start at 16:00 CET. We wish the guys good luck and look forward to spectacular matches! #NAVINATION