OGA Pit Invitational: results of the tournament

PUBG / News / 20 November 2018 — 22:00

Results of NAVI.GG.BET

At the end of the group stage, the ru NAVI.GG.BET division of PUBG completes its participation within the online tournament OGA Pit Invitational Season 3.

The team was selected to be in Group B, which also included de PENTA Sports, ru M19, us Team EnVy, and other serious competitors. Of the sixteen teams, only six went to the grand final: unfortunately, ru NAVI was not one of them, and are out of the race.

Match # Result Map
1 15 place (0 kills) Erangel
2 13th place (2 kills) Erangel
3 11 place (0 kills) Erangel
4 13th place (0 kills) Erangel
5 7th place (6 kills) Erangel
6 12th place (1 kill) Erangel
7 16th place (3 kills) Erangel
8 12th place (4 kills) Erangel

In total, the squad had eight battles on the map Erangel: four in each of the match days. The lineup of ru NAVI this time around did not please the fans with triumphant plays: the guys were literally chased by some tough luck, which is why they completed half the distance in a very unenviable position. The result, which the team has achieved, was not enough to get into the top six.

Place Team Total
1 de PENTA Sports 2982
2 zz Red Diamonds 2950
3 us Team Envy 2860
4 fr Millenium 1840
5 ru AVANGAR 1,736
6 eu BRUGGERS 1730
7 eu Alliance. 1,670
8 ua Cyber Cartel 1492
9 ru Vega Squadron 1450
10 ru M19 1438
11 us Ghost Gaming 1256
12 eu Oshtekk warriors 1158
13 cz NeverHuntEU 1122
14 eu LvL Up Esport 638
15 ru NAVI.GG.BET 616
16 eu Panthers Gaming 518

In the eight matches, the yellow-black quartet earned a total of 616 points. The team takes the final fifteenth place, but tomorrow ru BatulinS and ru Recrent will play as part of ru NAVI DUO on GLL Wingman V. We wish the guys best of luck! #NAVINATION