GLL Wingman V: recap of the matches on Erangel

PUBG / News / 21 November 2018 — 22:00

Matches on Erangel have been played out.

The two players of ru NAVI.GG.BET PUBG division continue to storm the fifth season of GLL Wingman V. ru Alexander «BatulinS» Batulin and ru Dmitry «Recrent» Osintsev have already shown their forces on Miramar and Erangel.

Following the results of five fights on the desert map, ru NAVI DUO settled down on the third place of the tournament standings - they have very successfully overcome the first part of the distance. At the same time, sixteen teams had to bid their farewell to the competition, so 32 duos fought on Erangel.

Match # Map Result
1 Erangel 15 place (6 kills)
2 Erangel 11th place (4 kills)
3 Erangel 27th place (1 kill)
4 Erangel 9th place (6 kills)
5 Erangel 17th place (3 kills)

The guys from ru NAVI DUO failed to show the same confident game as on the first day: they finished fifteenth and eleventh, and in another match finished twenty-seventh. After three matches, ru Recrent and ru BatulinS ranked only fifteenth in the overall ranking.

Nevertheless, the duo held the fourth match more effectively, due to which they rose four positions higher. At last, on the final map, the ru NAVI DUO dropped out on the seventeenth place.

The performance on Erangel, the “yellow-blacks” ends at the twelfth position: this result is enough to get into the number of duets that can move on and enter the battle on the map Sanhok. ru NAVI DUO has 445 points in their asset, which is rewarded for survival and 20 kills committed by ru Recrent (5) and ru BatulinS (15).

The third chunk of matches will starts on November 28th at 17:00 CET. We are sure that the guys will gather their strength and will delight their fans with a beautiful game! #NAVINATION