LIVE: MegaFon Winter Clash qualifiers: against NoPangolier

Dota 2 / News / 21 November 2018 — 22:00

The Bo3 battle for the finals starts at 19:00 CET

Today ua NAVI.GG.BET is facing a battle for a spot in the finals of the qualifiers. The rival will be another representative of the CIS — zz NoPangolier. The start of the fight is scheduled for 19:00 CET.

Both teams won their initial matches of the tournament. Our guys beat eu Vega Squadron and eu Ninjas in Pyjamas, while zz NoPangolier dealt with ru Winstrike Team and ru Gambit Esports. A fun fact — all the games ended with the same score, 2: 0.

ua Natus Vincere faced zz NoPangolier only once — during Autumn Brawl. Back then, the opponent took the series 2:1.

As for zz NoPangolier roster, it has some rather famous nicknames: ua Ghostik, kg Zayac, ua CemaTheSlayer and kz Naive-. In other words, our guys are well-acquainted with the enemy and will be as prepared for today's encounter as possible. 

The winner of this match will reach the grand finals of MegaFon Winter Clash qualifiers, and will be one step away from the LAN final of the championship. We believe that the “yellow-blacks” will continue to show an outstanding game and will claim the much-needed victory today. Join the stream and cheer for ua NAVI! #NAVINATION

MegaFon Winter Clash (best of 3)
November 22, 19:00 CET
  • Crystallize
  • MagicaL
  • Blizzy
  • Chuvash
  • SoNNeikO
  • Naive-
  • Ceyler
  • Ghostik
  • Zayac
  • CemaTheSlayer