Thorin's rating: NAVI raised to second place

CS2 / News / 21 November 2018 — 22:00

Natus Vincere has surpassed Team Liquid

After a series of LAN tournaments and online battles, British analyst gb Duncan "Thorin" Shields made adjustments to his personal rating. So, the ua NAVI.GG.BET squad pushed us Team Liquid from the second position, and the dk Astralis team retained their top spot. In addition to the teams mentioned, the European team eu FaZe Clan is also in S class.

Thorin's rating
Place Team Class Change in rating
1 dk Astralis S -
2 ua NAVI.GG.BET S +1
3 us Team Liquid S -1
4 eu FaZe Clan S +4
5 eu mousesports A -1
6 br MIBR B -1
7 us NRG B -1
8 se NiP B +2
9 dk North B -2
10 de BIG B New team in the ranking

Note that the latest update on the gb Thorin's rating was about three months ago. During this time, the Born to Win have attended six LAN tournaments: DreamHack Masters Stockholm; FACEIT Major: London; ESL One: New York; EPICENTER; BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen; IEM Chicago. As a result, NAVI won once, took second place twice, hit the top 8 once, and ended their performance in the group stage twice.

gb Duncan "Thorin" Shields
Thorin - on the current position of NAVI in the ranking

“A strong runners-up finish at EPICENTER, prior to the final at least, and a win at a smaller tournament but with some good names there, put ua NAVI back into the top two. Their placings can be argued to be slightly weaker than us Team Liquid’s, but ua Natus Vincere’s collection of ranked wins pushes them past the North Americans. This is a very precarious second place ranking, due to the turnover in teams making finals over the last few months, so ua NAVI will need to defend their spot, especially as the major comes close to disappearing from sight.”

Let's recall that ua NAVI recently completed the online stage of the ESL Pro League S8 finishing in second place and reached the final stage of the tournament, which will be held from 4 to 9 December. Then our guys will go to Lisbon, where they will try to defend the BLAST Pro Series title. We believe that ua Natus Vincere players will be able to prepare well for the upcoming tournaments and achieve a positive result! #NAVINATION