MagicaL Instagram AMA

Dota 2 / News / 21 November 2018 — 22:00

MagicaL answers fans' questions

MegaFon Winter Clash qualifiers are in full swing! After 2 victorious games last night, our midlaner ua Idan "MagicaL" Vardanian set up an AMA on his Instagram stories. Here are some of the questions!

— Do you smoke? If so, for how long?

— I don't drink or smoke!

— NAVI DAVI B) Good job

— Guys, I've been getting a lot of questions about the new patch. I will write out all my thoughts about the patch and general changes once I have time B) 

— Idan, were the games tough, or did you maintain everything under control?

— I think, the 4 games were kept in check very well, and we finished them confidently.

— How much MMR did you have after the first calibration?

— 5300

— Hey, how's new patch? What have you been doing after the Minor — getting some rest?

— Patch is very cool, you can come up with all sorts of stuff. Been playing pubs — that's all the rest I've gotten :D

— I've been cheering for you since the first day in NAVI. I believe that you guys will be able to bring the old glory back!

— Easy for Blizzy!

— When's the Aegis coming?

— Hopefully, in 2019 B)

— Did you travel a lot?

— Not yet, but there's still time!

— How's your hand?

— Fine, thank you.

— Bootcamping already?

— Yes

— What about a fan meeting?

— Do I have enough fans for a meeting? :D

— When will you stream?

— In the coming days — only practice. When the time's right — I will stream.

— Idan, what's your solo MMR?

— 7700 :D

— Do you represent Israel or Ukraine?

— Israel and Ukraine!

— Where could one meet you with the highest probability? (Nikas, McD, a buffet)

— The chances of meeting me outside of my room are pretty slim :)

— Imagine you're winning TI finals. Who's your opponent?

— Every year, the favored team is different. One year it's Team Liquid, next year - LGD. It's always beneficial to play with the strongest opponent!

— Do you like Kharkiv? Do you wanna move to another city?

— I love Kharkiv, and would like to stay here.

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