S1mple answers fans questions

CS2 / News / 22 November 2018 — 22:00

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ua Oleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev answered questions from fans on his . We offer you the most interesting answers.

—  Stream today?

—  I don’t think so, the bootcamp is about to start.

—  Where are you bootcamping?

  in Ukraine

—  When is the next tournament?

— December 2nd, we will fly to Denmark (ESL Pro League S8 Finals), and then we will go to Portugal (BLAST Pro Series Lisbon).

—  What change would you like to see in CS?

—  Change the M4 so that it kills at close range.

—  What do you think about the MP— 5 SD?

—  Dislike it.

—  Tea with sugar or without?

—  Honey and lemon.

—  Do you plan to visit Spain? You have a lot of fans here.

—  I am going to visit Barcelona with friends for the winter holidays.

—  How do you feel about the situation with Xyp9x?

—  Nothing out of the ordinary. As he explained, he saw the opponent’s foot through a smoke grenade.

—  Have you thought about changing the game resolution?

—  I have. It's about time to try something new.

—  How much time do you get to prepare before playing in a LAN tournament?

—  Usually, we arrive two hours before the game.

—  What song did you sing in an interview with Mrs.Marple?

—  NAV & Metro Boomin —  Call Me.

—  What is your favorite show?

—  Breaking Bad

—  Are you grateful to your brother for introducing you to Counter-Strike?

—  I am grateful to my family, friends, every teammate I played with, every organization I defended colors, every fan. I am thankful for each player, that opposed my team for the invaluable experience, for the emotions after the victory and the experience after the defeat. It makes my life more interesting and diverse.

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