Pubs after 7.20b

Dota 2 / News / 22 November 2018 — 22:00

Trends of patch 7.20b

Let's take a look at which heroes became the strongest in ranked games after another Dota 2 update — this time around patch number 7.20b.

The most significant changes affected such a character as Lone Druid. His win rate, which was previously only 38.38%, has now risen to 50.38% — exactly 12% increase. However, it must be remembered that such a jump can be perceived differently: on the one hand, the hero has become easier for more players, on the other — it became more powerful in capable hands, which can negatively affect the game against such a strong player.

On the second place in the winrate department was Sand King: he now has 55.2%, which is about 11% more than before. Such statistics at the end allowed the King of Sands to climb up to the fourth position in the overall winrate table of 7.20, second only to Spirit Breaker, Visage, and Luna.

Changes in winrate

The third place takes Naga Siren, which rose in winrate by 6.96%, but the overall statistics still remain below 50% — 49.62%. This suggests a quite good balance of the hero, the same can not be said, looking at the Meepo after the release of 7.20.

But now this hero is considerably nerfed and his winrate is 54.18%, which does not allow him to enter even the top five of most winning heroes. At the moment the situation is such that Luna holds the first place in the winrate department, having almost 57% of won matches. Even after the nerf in 7.20b, it did not affect the hero too much, which is still very powerful right now.

Heroes with the highest number of wins

But the second and third places were taken by several unexpected heroes — Visage and Spirit Breaker, respectively. Both have about 55.5%, however, if the number of picks for Spirit Breaker in games are high(it can be seen in 14.23% of all matches), then Visage has a very small margin — 1.17%.

As for the victims of the update, the most difficult is to win with the Outworld Devourer, as well as Io — these two heroes have a winrate of less than 40%. And if the second hero is rather difficult to play and execute, the first one is now in some way a broken hero. And not in terms of its imbalance, but because it is incredibly difficult to perform in a successful manner.

Heroes with the lowest number of wins

The top five most popular heroes are Pudge, Ogre Magi, Phantom Assassin, Lion, and Slark. You might be surprised that there are two supports among them at once, but patch 7.20 gave them very interesting new mechanics — mass Hand of Midas with the help of Multicast, and 50 damage to the ultimate for each kill with Finger of Death.

Most Popular Heroes

It's interesting how Dota 2 trends will change again after the next update. Let's keep eye on all the changes!