ESL Pro League S8 Finals: results of the draw

CS2 / News / 26 November 2018 — 22:00

Natus Vincere — In group B

The opponents of ua NAVI.GG.BET were determined for the group stage of ESL Pro League S8 Finals. Following the draw, the Born to Win ended up in Group B along with eu mousesports, br MIBR, dk North, usNRG, ca Ghost, au ORDERS, and br SharksAlso, the first opponent of our team has been decided — au ORDER.

In the ESL Pro League S8 Finals 16 teams will take part in it — 2 groups 8 participants in each. In the group stage, the GSL system will be used, the initial matches are best of 1, all the others — best of 3. The winners of the groups will start the playoffs from the semifinals, the second and third places from the quarterfinals. At that stage of the tournament, we will be seeing a single elimination bracket with bo3 games and a bo5 final.

ua Natus Vincere eu mousesports
br MIBR dk North
ca Ghost us NRG
au ORDER br Shark

Let us remind you, that the  of the eighth season, ua NAVI finished in second place with 54 points in the asset, letting only dk Astralis ahead (62 points). The ESL Pro League LAN Final will be held in Odense from December 4 to 9. The prize fund of the tournament will be $ 750,000, of which the winner will receive $ 250,000, and the runner-up – $ 110,000.

In addition, it is worth noting that ESL Pro League is on the list of tournaments participating in the Intel Grand Slam. The main prize of this challenge is $ 1,000,000, and it will be given to the team that will win four ESL and DreamHack tournaments using 10 attempts first. We believe that in Denmark ua NAVI players will manage to win the second point in this race! #NAVINATION