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Dota 2 / News / 27 November 2018 — 22:00

As the new 7.20 meta emerges, let's talk about its new cores heroes.

The meta of patch 7.20 in both competitive and pub Dota 2 is gradually forming: some heroes emerge from the oblivion, while others, on the contrary, are fading. We talked about the heroes, who are often seen in the core position in both official and pub matches, with experienced carry player ru Ilya “Illidan” Pivtsayev.

— Let's start with the most interesting stuff. Name the top 3 heroes for gaining MMR in 7.20!

— I would highlight Phantom Assassin, Magnus and Axe.

— Who would be the most popular heroes? Those that thrive in the early game without drawing out the game?

— It will depend on the situation, but for now it looks like semi-cores will be very popular.

— Who is the most comfortable laning support?

— I'd say the best heroes are Undying, Ogre Magi, Witch Doctor, Grimstroke, and Dazzle.

— Wraith Band, Bracer, and Null Talisman are now extremely popular. How do you feel about heroes buying those en masse for almost everyone?

- The stats from the Wraith Band are too valuable, so everyone buys it. Previously, there were no such good stats for such a modest price.

— One of your signature heroes is Anti-Mage. How do you evaluate the hero's potential in the 7.20 meta?

— He is good against projectiles, but still weak in other aspects —laning, for example.

— Over the past week, Medusa's winrate has grown by almost 11%. What changes have affected the success of the hero in this way?

- Mystic Snake burns more mana than Outworld Devourer's ultimate (laughs)! It's a tad bit too strong.

— Over the past three patches, game developers have tried to balance Drow Ranger. Did they succeed, or is the hero dead?

— In my opinion, we need some more buffs, but overall, Drow Ranger is already playable.

- Pounce (Slark) now stops teleporting or any other way to escape, except for Force Staff. Does this explain the comeback of the hero?

— In my opinion, that's the main reason.

- In patch 7.20 Juggernaut received a modified ultimate and increased basic agility. Is that enough to increase the hero's pick rate?

— In fact, I do not think that the hero is good. In my opinion, Juggenaut is still as situational as most of the heroes in Dota 2.

— Chaos Knight was not left untouched as well. In your opinion, were those changes really significant? What would you highlight?

Chaos Knight has become much stronger during the laning stage, although his ultimate has been nerfed, and I am not a fan of that.

— Is Lifestealer stronger in 7.20? Will we see it in pubs or pro scene?

— A slow hero, and a mere creep without his Radiance. Really doubt he'll be picked.

— As you know, the game developers have retouched Razor's passive. Is it easier to farm now? In general, do you see the carry potential?

— The hero does not fit in every match, he is situational, but the farm has really become easier. This is a nice buff.

— Controversial Dazzle. What is the best use of the hero in 7.20? Can you give some advice?

Too strong of a hero, from my point of view. Used in all positions, except carry. It is best to look at which lane is optimal for him and pick him for the appropriate position, be it mid, off-lane or support.

Ilya "Illidan" Pivtsayev
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