Interview with GeneRaL — midlane heroes of 7.20

Dota 2 / News / 28 November 2018 — 22:00

Interview about the meta mid-heroes and changes on the midlane

We continue the series of interviews on how patch 7.20 influenced the popularity of heroes in various roles. A player with a wide experience playing on the mid- and off-lane ua Victor «GeneRaL» Nigrini shared his opinion on the high demanded mid heroes of this meta. On the main trends of the patch and key changes for the mid-lane — read in this material.

— What mechanic changes in patch 7.20 did you like the most?

— Compatibility of Travel Boots and a separate slot for a teleportation scroll. At first, it will give a wild advantage in split-pushing, until people get used to it.

— Gold instead of experience for denying. How much did this influence the choice of heroes for the mid position? And on offlane?

— That update actually I didn't like. Previously, you would regard the denying of ranged-creep more important than finishing off the enemy melee-creep. Now, this isn't always the case.

— Right now, everyone purchases 2 + Bracer's / Wraith Band's / Null Talisman's. Is this appropriate?

— People started using this technique since the end of the last patch: two Wraith Band's, Ring of Aquila, etc. But now it has obviously become even more effective.

— Reading through the patch notes of 7.20, whom did you want to play first?

— Perhaps Ember Spirit.

— You played a huge number of professional matches with Batrider. In the patch, he got buffed — is it enough for the hero to return to the meta?

— It is enough to pick it in certain situations, but it didn’t become much stronger and will not be in high demand.

— And Dark Seer? Deserves to be picked, or is this hero still weak?

— I have nothing to say about that hero.

— What heroes would you call OP in this meta?

— In my opinion, Lone Druid, Rubick, Phantom Assassin and Dazzle.

— Winrate of the Storm Spirit plummeted. Is the hero too weak at the moment? What changes have affected his success so much?

— The new Power Treads have a pretty strong effect, as the Storm Spirit needs an attack speed. In addition, the new formula for mana regeneration significantly hurt him. Awaiting buffs.

— Shadow Fiend became stronger for + 1 armor? And what else, in your opinion, do you need to strengthen the hero so that he will return to the meta?

— Actually, no, not only that. Even Wraith Band empowers him, the attack speed becomes higher, so the hero has become a little stronger. And probably, the change with gold for the denying is also handy for Shadow Fiend.

— By the way, how do you like variations of items with Kaya (Yasha + Kaya, Sange + Kaya)? Have you tried them already?

— Tried on Storm Spirit and Shadow Fiend, not impressed.

— At 7.20 the Cleave mechanic was changed. Does it make sense now to build Ember Spirit with physical damage?

— In my opinion, it hasn't particularly affected the potential of the hero. I do not see its utilization through the physical damage in this meta.

— What are the top 3 midlane heroes for gaining MMR.

— Obviously, the imbalanced heroes of the patch: Rubick, Lone Druid and Dazzle.

Victor «GeneRaL» Nigrini
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