The retrospective of Natus Vincere G2A performances in 2017

CS2 / News / 24 December 2017 — 07:22

The summary for CS:GO of 2017

It's time to sum up the year of 2017 for our CS:GO team. The year was hard and the results didn't meet the expectations of many fans. However, step by step ua NAVI.G2A found the right direction for the development. Finally our team finished the year with the victory at DH Winter 2017.

The best tournaments of the Born to Win

You must've already guessed that the most successful for our team was the last tournament – DreamHack Winter 2017. ua Natus Vincere finished the competition with 7 victories and 2 losses. They also demonstrated their readiness to play and what's even most important to defeat their opponents on 5 maps. Furthermore, ua NAVI showed that they are capable of playing on de_cache against certain teams, for example vs. dk Heroic at the tournament in Sweden.

As concerns other competitions, the performance of our team at StarSeries S3 and ESL One Cologne 2017 stood out. At the both events our team got to top 4. At StarSeries S3 ua Natus Vincere defeated se fnatic in best of 3 series for the first time.


Unfortunately, this year our team underwent reshuffle, caused by undersatisfactory performance in the first six month of 2017. The "top of the crown" was poor results at PGL Major Krakow 2017. First, sk GuardiaN left our team and in a couple of months ru seized did the same. These players were replaced by ua Zeus and ru electronic respectively. We hope that these two players will lead our line-up to success!

Both sk GuardiaN and ru seized spent about 4 years with ua Natus Vincere and had achieved significant results with us. Denis and Ladislav became the finalists of 2 major tournaments, won ESL One NY 2016, and other tournaments - ESWC 2015, IEM San Jose, DH Open Leipzig and many more.

Here are some stats of sk GuardiaN and ru seized with the Born to Win. The rating of Ladislav at ua Natus Vincere was 1.15, K-D – 1.23. He's made 11943 kills with AWP. His average assists per round are 0.16. He won 184 clutch rounds!

The best map of 2017

Despite the troubles in the team, de_train has always been the best map of our line-up. In 2017, ua NAVI played on it 29 times, winning 23 times (79.3% winrate). The greatest victory at de_train with 16-4 scores was in the match against us Team Liquid at ESL Pro League S5. The winrate in pistol rounds for this map is 51.7%.

The most played battlefield of the Born to Win this year was de_mirage, where our line-up played 32 matches. The second most successful map to de_train was de_inferno: 25 games, of which 14 victories and 11 losses.

The best NAVI player of 2017

Similar to the best tournament, there haven't been many contenders for this title. Furthermore, few players in the world can compete with ua s1mple. Sasha was obviously the best player of ua NAVI in 2017. He's demonstrated incredible consistency in 2017. Take a look at the graph of ua s1mple's rating and note its rapid growth, when ua Zeus returned to the team. Do you think there's a big chance Sasha improves his rating in future?

This year Sasha became one of the best players in the world in several nominations: 1+ kills per round (54.1%), K-D difference (+492) and kills per round (0.85). These figures are very solid and ua s1mple has most likely secured his spot in top 20 players of 2017. Will he get to top 10? What do you think?

Summing up, by late 2017 ua Natus Vincere have most likely found the right direction of development. We hope that in 2018, our team will continue progressing and we'll see many victories by our players! #gonavi