ESL Pro League S8 Finals: against Sharks

CS2 / News / 5 December 2018 — 22:00

The Bo3 starts at 12:00 CET

The second round of the lower bracket at ESL Pro League S8 Finals will see ua NAVI.GG.BET play against a Brazilian team br Sharks. The Bo3 is scheduled to start at 12:00 CET.

br Sharks made it to the final stage via SA qualifiers, beating ar Isurus in a Bo5 fight (3 : 1). The LAN journey started with a devastating loss against br MIBR (2 : 16 – Inferno), but the guys regained their composure, beating dk North 2 : 0. As for ua NAVI, in the first round, our team defeatedau ORDER (16 : 14 – Mirage), but then yielded to eu mousesports (0 : 2).

Up till now, the paths of ua Natus Vincere and br Sharks have not crossed. During the first ban phase, the teams are likely to get rid of Cache and Overpass. Most probably, ua NAVI will pick Dust2, while br Sharks will go for Train. Next, The Born to win would probably get rid of Nuke, while the Brazilians – Inferno. So, Mirage is the possible decider map. We believe ua NAVI have what it takes to get their heads back into the game after last night's defeat versus eu mousesports and will make it into the lower bracket finals! #NAVINATION

ESL Pro League S8 Finals (BO3)
December 6, 12:00 CET
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