Blizzy: «There is no worry»

Dota 2 / News / 6 December 2018 — 22:00

Interview with Blizzy

kg Evgenii «Blizzy» Ri, in an interview with, spoke about the preparation of the team for the upcoming MegaFon Winter Clash tournament, and also shared his opinion about the rivals in the group.

— You constantly have games — the qualifications for Major, then for Minor, now MegaFon Winter Clash. When will you get some rest?

— We lost the qualifications for Major and Minor, so after MegaFon Winter Clash we are going to have some rest. In the next six weeks, we've got nothing. If we won the qualifications, then we would keep working.

— You have bootcamp after bootcamp. It seems that you already live there permanently.

— The longest bootcamp was 17 days. Usually, we have them at least for two weeks. Just before this tournament, we were there 14 days.

— In MegaFon Winter Clash, you are in a group with eu Team Secret and ru What can you say about them?

— Well, what can I say, at the moment these are the two strongest teams in the world. This is the top 2 of the previous Major.

We have a usual preparation for them. If we do a good draft, then we have chances to win. I believe in myself, and in the team.

eu Team Secret arrived at the tournament with a replacement. Won't it turn out that eu Team Secret with and without jo YapzOr are two completely different teams?

— This is possible. jo YapzOr is a really great player. Usually, it is he who makes plays and cool moves. ph Eyyou is weaker, in my opinion.

— Casters commentating games of ru often notice that against ru VP you need to draft so you won't lose lanes much, otherwise, there will be no chances in a game. Do you agree with that? What do you need to do to beat ru

— You have to do that not only against ru but against any team. If you win the lanes, then it's much easier for you to play. With ru VP, we need to be confident in our draft, so that we feel comfortable in our heroes. And then just play Dota on a comfortable hero.

— What is your task at the tournament?

— First of all — to get a good experience. Top teams have gathered here, it will be very cool to play with them on a stage. About the results and expectations ... In this patch, we have some problems with the draft, but if we make a good draft, then we will play well. I think we can perform just fine.

— How much did the patch 7.20 affect your hero pool?

— It didn't really affect me. Out of my hero pool, only Tiny was nerfed. What became unpleasant, is that everyone began to pick Magnus. Prior to that, no one really played him. I am one of the first who started picking it, prepared it for the Minor. After the patch, everyone started picking it.

— Name the strongest heroes in your position in this patch.

— Certainly Magnus. Beastmaster is strong now, he has powerful new boars. Next, Brewmaster. Also Centaur Warrunner and Axe are my heroes.

— Your team picked up a pace in qualifying for a Major, and before the technical problems in the game against ru GambitEsports, everything was going well. From the outside, it seems that this has undermined the team morally. Is there such a problem?

— Of course. Everyone thought that it was some kind of excuse, but it really brought us a little down morally.

— Very soon you will play on stage the of MegaFon Winter Clash. Do you worry when you play at such venues?

— There is no worry, or I don’t really notice it.